Twelfth days ago Fu Jiajun Selby Zhan: four wizards still need hard lock

Marco Fu

wodetaiqiuwang· 2016-04-30 13:35:14

Snooker 第12日前瞻:傅家俊塞尔比锁定四强 巫师尚需苦战

World Championships the 12 match of the day, had four 1 / 4 finals to in the same game, decided the outcome of, unexpectedly Ding Junhui has taken the first two stages at 13-3 eliminated Williams. That left just three of four tickets is still up for grabs. 7-1 has been ahead of Hawkins's Chinese Hongkong's Fu Jiajun, most of the foot has stepped into the semi-finals of the door. Selby 10-6 - Wilson semi-finals ahead of Karen, a great chance. Scotland Derby war situation is unknown, but Higgins 5-3 lead Macmanus, considering the various aspects of the account or to occupy some of the upper hand.

perhaps the second round 13-12 eliminated O'Sullivan consumes too much energy, the rest only 16 hours played very good state of Marco Fu, Hawkins is no state, mistakes in the game frequently, this in the middle of the Marco Fu monologues. Hongkong's Chinese without mercy, the first stage hit four single rod 50+, has the absolute superiority of the 7-1.

maybe not like Ding Junhui as two stages to end the fighting, Hawkins nature also won't be willing to sweep, but Marco Fu was reversed the possibility or too small. Second round Alan once 1-7 Wilson - Karen, although after the Jedi counterattack, but it is still behind too much or eliminated. To Marco Fu, as long as himself does not appear state of landslide, maintain stable play, even if they are narrowing the differential Hawkins, almost no comeback possible, Marco Fu will end Hawkins of four successive defeats. There are two China national player in the semi-finals, the probability of this happening is very high.

Championships a variety of popular continue to burst, but ranked first in the world for the 2014 World Champion Selby, but it seems in the silent and go more steady. In the face of the Shanghai Masters champion Karen Wilson, the first two stages of the Selby to maintain suppression of opponents, 10-6 lead 4 Bureau, although not as to not 100% insurance, but to Selby's state of play and stability, the possibility of Karen Wilson comeback has not. />


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