Vivian: behind the roller coaster performance repeatedly attack does not make money


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" repeatedly attack the investment does not make money Vivian shares performance roller coaster of long and short term concerns

Wang Xiaohui Wang Xueqiao

to hold the milk Jiangshan Vivian shares (food and beverage Vivian Limited by Share Ltd, 600300.SH), although the industry leader still rising for more than and 20 years, after the listing of business flowering, a number of industries to enter the dairy industry, liquor, real estate, flour, grain storage and transportation, frequent flourishing.

now Vivian shares, the COFCO benchmark enterprise, has not fulfilled the desire. Soybean milk powder business for many years at piaffe, to the national market of vegetable protein products is still in cultivation period. The liquor industry is still a huge investment, in the "winter", Zhijiang growth pressure, Guizhou Chun losses are needed to worry about, and is pushing the vegetable protein beverage products is still in the incubation period.

this is a summary of the Bureau of Vivian need to beset with troubles internally and externally, starting again. Vivian is bottoming out. "Vivian shares said, the future task is how to ensure the continued stable profit. The performance of

roller coaster behind

VV group held by listed companies about 3 percent of the shares, Vivian group was about 65% of the shares to Vivian holding control.

2000, Vivian shares listed on the Shanghai Stock exchange. The following year, Vivian shares to achieve net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses of nearly 100 million yuan. 2002 amounted to 114 million. In the following 4 years in the million level. 2009, the company's net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses after listing, up to about 55000000 yuan, but in the last second years to profitability. In 2011 continued to rebound back to about 90000000 yuan, this number is the highest peak in the last few years, since 2012 a slight loss of about 2000000, in 2013 the huge loss of 200 million yuan. In 2014, once again profitability, has continued to date.

after several years, sixteen years later, in 2016, the Quarterly Bulletin shows that in the first three quarters of net profit after deduction of non - reached about 80000000. From the performance of the stock market, Vivian shares are in the move upwards from the bottom of the stage. In 2016 three quarterly

Vivian shares are worth seeing. Total operating income increased by 0.5 percentage points over the same period in 2015. Operating profit increased by 95%, net profit increased by 166%, attributable to owners of the parent company's profit is increased by more than 219%, basic earnings per share doubled. These indicators, in 2015 and in the same period in the year of 2014, have shown a downward trend.

with the same industry such as Yili (17.650, -0.23, -1.29%) as compared to the total market value of Vivian shares today only more than 10 billion, while the latter is already one hundred billion enterprise. In Wen's shares (36.370, 0.53, 1.48%) and Yili were 33.71% and 23.99% of the net assets yield before, Vivian shares net assets return rate of only 3.82%, operating profit rate in recent years has been hovering below 5%.

Vivian shares of the asset liability ratio of a high road. From 2011 to 2016, asset liability ratio continued to grow from 50% to more than three in the last quarter of 61.53%, the majority of the industry is in the range of 20%-40%.

with many enterprises of agricultural industry focus is not the same, Vivian shares took a diversified development to obtain growth path. The financial index, is a footnote to go this road of diversification.

to Vivian shares of more than and 20 listed companies as a foreign investment company subject. A number of subsidiaries owned by foreign investment, also holding companies. After several years of foreign investment company looks Vivian layers, mixed packing. Familiar with

Vivian shares were disclosed, Vivian as their own models have been COFCO, also want to achieve from field to table the whole process, planting and harvesting, storage, and trade … … whether it is on their way after years of trying to review and grounding, or had a grand plan, its action is indeed a number of areas in agriculture in food.

just, so many years, a number of areas to try, and did not earn too much money, but the company's assets and liabilities than high prices. There have been comments that Vivian shares "transition full of speculative sentiment".

for dairy Vivian shares insiders said that for so many years, Vivian had been "bad luck". After the listing of the millennium, many times in good times into a number of high-speed growth industry, but in the end did not earn any money.

Vivian shares to enter the dairy industry, can not be said late in time. In 2002, Vivian shares said in its annual report, the dairy as its second pillar industries. At that time, he worried about the problem of insufficient milk, Xuzhou and more milk base construction.

look from its investment action, I am afraid to enter the heart of dairy early. On that year, Vivian shares to raise 995 million, of which three pen 186 million yuan investment plan, are to set up a joint venture Xuzhou Weiwei dairying Limited company, Xuzhou agricultural and animal husbandry industry Co. Ltd., Xuzhou Weiwei Weiwei cereal Co. ltd.. Among them, vivi dairy and vivi are involved in agriculture and animal husbandry, dairy farming, milk, dairy processing etc.. These three companies suddenly spent nearly $600 million. This year also want to spend 30 million yuan to do the pig breeding base, in second years because of a bad market crashed, after the formation of weiweiliuchaosong flour company … … multi flowering. From Vivian cereal and other subsidiary of the listed company's contribution, then do not see big money, instead of dairy in earlier period is not a small contribution.

2002, Xuzhou Weiwei dairying contributes 90 million profit, and dimension

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