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Fan Bingbing although has been a lot of friends for the goddess, but in fact, she also has its own idol

. Today in Beijing to attend the activities, and finally the idol Angela Pan [micro-blog] on the same stage, she said excitedly, "finally know the girls chasing deer Han [micro-blog] feeling." In addition, the last starring movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" triggered heated debate, Xu Fan is not only the first public evaluation of this novel husband Feng Xiaogang [micro-blog], Fan Bingbing praised the dedication, more sources will be joined by Fan Bingbing and starring drama producer.


drama "win the world" tells the story of the late Warring States period, the three sisters were expelled in the PAP aristocracy after the The family is in straitened circumstances. (Fan Bingbing ornaments), Ba Qing palace Xianyang accident involved in the fate of the political whirlpool, driven by a step by step to become the Datong Qinhuangdao upper, eventually become the richest woman in the first story. Today, the drama creative team and first published in the collective debut in Beijing, starring Fan Bingbing producer and director of elegant appearance, high Yijun, starring Xu Fan, Ma Su [micro-blog], Gao Yunxiang, Lily Tien, Yan Yi wide [micro-blog] [micro-blog] full back to the scene.


Xu Fan for the first time publicly commented "I am not Pan Jinlian"

last year, directed by Feng Xiaogang, starring Fan Bingbing, adapted from Liu Zhenyun's novel of the same title, "I am not Pan Jinlian" a reflection is caused by viewing boom, finally in fifty-third Taiwan golden horse won the award for best drama, best director award of the two Fan Bingbing Award for best actress, and I make friends shouted regret.


award although regret, but today Xu Fan has praised Fan Bingbing, and this is her husband in public for the first time evaluation of Feng Xiaogang's works, "she has a good understanding, but also very dedicated, her beauty, her beauty is provocative, but in order to the role temporarily put down, this is a lot of people can do that as an actor."


in recent years, Xu Fan is more than a modern theme of the works of the ancient drama, but rarely dabble in the drama of the center. Talk about the reasons to join the "win the world", Fan Bingbing joked with Xu Fan for years, so the use of the "personal relationship", and Xu Fan admits that is out to attract each other, "don't know people will only feel the beauty of Bing Bing, this is only the surface, in fact her bones especially generous, we we throw a temper very much, the exchange is not hard, but I also believe that she will play for the grasp very accurate." Subsequently, Xu Fan revealed that he will play the lady, "she is a very love their children, want to let his son sit on the throne, there are all kinds of thoughts, will make the role. But as for the smile or pull the face to play the role of re pondering."

" in fact, as early as in Feng Xiaogang's "mobile phone", Fan Bingbing and Xu Fan on the indissoluble bound, "" mobile phone "is my first movie, I didn't know how to shoot, see actors next director Xu Fan was in front of the mirror, let my heart was touched by the interpretation her acting, hit my heart, this time to her, my heart dropped a big stone."


Fan Bingbing and Angela Pan on the second smaller fans

Angela Pan had in the "The legend of Condor Hero" a generation of "the Queen", a classic role play to shape too much, although more than and 70 years old, but still keep the goddess style, dressed in a red dress today on the other. After seeing Angela Pan, Fan Bingbing revealed that always regard each other as the idol, "I was a little proud, not what male idol, never Starchaser, but only stuck in the bed of the poster is Angela Pan, she occupied the very important position in my heart, although never seen, but it is very important to me now, I finally know the girls chasing Luhan feeling." About the process, invited Angela Pan Fan Bingbing said, "before the" rouge snow "" legend ", Wu Mei Niang asked her, but she did not appear, this time I want to go to her in any case." After hearing this, Angela Pan said: "the crew also moved in good faith, and not really sorry for her." Subsequently, she revealed that she will be part of the Empress Dowager yang.


of the Ma Su will play Fan Bingbing the elder sister in the play, she said the role will be very gentle, Fan Bingbing said with a smile to see Ma Su as the other potential as an understanding wife and loving mother, said: "I think after this movie, I can marry out." Gao Yunxiang [micro-blog] humor introduced his role, although it is difficult to play the role of Qin Shihuang, but the miracle will always appear in my body." Actor lineup, Yan Yikuan, Lily Tien,, [micro-blog], and so on will also join the overall value of the eye is very high, said Lin Peng. In this regard, Fan Bingbing gives his reasons, I hope the girls, boys handsome. For example, my mother this age audience, watching TV all love to see beauty, not good-looking will change, so to set all the beauty to attract them."

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