The mainland changed to Taiwan elite gathered in the East China Sea mean what?

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data figure: I in the eastern coastal port warships gathered

Spanish Eurasia review network January 8th article, the original question: what Chinese, military reform means to Taiwan? By the end of 2015 to early 2016, China announced a comprehensive reform of the PLA's organizational structure. The reform has greatly changed the PLA's organizational structure. In terms of combat, the reform is intended to enhance the PLA's ability to successfully organize joint operations on the high-tech battlefield. The reform of the army to help to promote the joint between the people's Liberation Army services "".

and how does that affect Taiwan? First of all, in the new combat system, the soldiers need to re understand their position and role in the structure, the army needs to re-establish command system. As a result, the PLA will focus within the next few years, which will reduce its ability to fight a major war. Second, in the long run, the people's Liberation Army ability to conduct joint operations in the accumulation of multi fields and multi services. The theater command can focus on joint training with the theater. Associated with the eastern region of Taiwan will be able to develop more targeted emergency planning and combat operations in Taiwan. Third, the people's Liberation Army is getting a better training for the new generation of leaders. The PLA is carrying out the reform of professional military education in order to cooperate with the reorganization of its institutions. By convention, the people's Liberation Army usually sends the best officers to the war zone. Fourth, the Chinese military will continue to allocate the most advanced equipment to the eastern theater. In the future, the PLA will be a well-trained and well-equipped army.

on the whole, the people's Liberation Army hopes to create a reform through effective joint operations against emergencies. Taipei will face a strong opponent: the organization is more reasonable, more well-trained, well-equipped, and more confident to win the war under the conditions of information technology. * (author Joel · Wu Si Nu, Chen Yiyi

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