Work overload? Joker ill hospital fainted

Hospital disease program Liu Ye

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-09 14:55:13


1 9 months, Joker recorded in Shanghai a reality show, a sudden accident, because of acute gastroenteritis, high fever and a temporary suspension of the video, went to the hospital for treatment.

has claimed that, on the morning of January 9th, Joker program is recorded in a sudden illness hospitalization, at present has burned to 38 3, high fever, worrying. Joker together and recording programs, Liu Ye said, at nine o'clock in the morning to start recording, Joker body has been very uncomfortable: "before recording began he was pale, do not speak. "

Liu Ye recalls, the beginning of the video, Joker immediately change the state into account, but the program group said can rest after Joker will soon collapse", the staff rushed him to the hospital. According to staff, two days before the show in the "ultimate work" theme, need a few guests to high intensity physical labor, estimated Joker strength is not a small consumption, coupled with the Joker had low-grade fever for ten days but because busy itinerary will not rest on his physical condition is one disaster after another.

Joker dedicated obvious to people reported a full year in 2016, Joker received dozens of variety shows, the same as a variety of star Song Xiaobao not long ago is because the record shows too fatigue, sudden gastroenteritis, was forced to temporarily exit to drip, then there are many media worried about the same overload work Joker, a variety of work fatigue loss star body concerns.

Joker is currently being treated in hospital, the program temporarily stopped, waiting for further diagnosis Joker, subsequent rehabilitation program recording process will also be considered Joker and. I also Joker by staff said: "shouldn't have fallen, but actually long been carrying, always want to carry it, finally did not expect or fall next year, won't take so much of the show. At the same time, he also suggested that as long as the physical condition has improved slightly, it will immediately return to the video site, I hope not to delay the recording program".

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