This black chain determines the fate of fetal death

Fetus industrial chain black hospital

yangshixinwen· 2017-01-09 15:13:59

for non-medical needs of the fetus gender identification, the law of our country has been banned. Although in recent years, the situation of illegal black B ultrasound is more and more rare, but recently, the reporter found that in some areas, pregnant women in the 8-9 weeks of pregnancy to give up the fetal situation gradually increased. It turned out that the illegal sex identification of the fetus appeared a new means, and even formed a tight black industry chain.

of pregnant women in less than 10 weeks of abortion case abnormal

in rural Zhejiang County of Yongjia Province, the local health staff found that although many pregnant women family did not violate the relevant marriage policy, but there are a lot of pregnant women choose abortion in pregnancy one or two months, this phenomenon is not unusual, but also puzzling.

deputy director of Yongjia county health and Family Planning Bureau Li Shipeng said: "we have a Village District visits Paimo found that there are many pregnant women during 8 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, do stream of people, this trend is developing very fast. "

" blood test "a report to determine the fate of

fetus" I received a courier, the test results are not in the blood test of Y chromosome DNA material. The same day, the couple decided to discuss abortion, the second day I went to the hospital to do stream of people operation. "

above this text, is a mother to leave the 3run. The identification results showed small blood samples, which did not detect the Y chromosome, that is likely to have a girl, she had to abort. The identification results, it is a kind of being referred to as "the method of blood test".

"blood test" is actually a kind of gene detecting methods, this technology through a small amount of blood of pregnant women, it can detect the sex of the fetus. Although this technique is common in the medical field, it is not recommended for the identification of fetal sex for non-medical purposes. In the mainland, "blood test" is illegal, has been banned. Hundreds of pregnant women blood test report "

blood Hongkong laboratory to circumvent legal restrictions on mainland

collected in Zhejiang Yongjia police, with the official seal, the report from the Dayak high Biotechnology Co. Ltd. "and" Hongkong laboratory Co. ltd.". According to the survey, the two medical accreditation bodies are not in the mainland, while in Hongkong.

" a party to Xiao Zhou said that Hongkong is very expensive, his condition is not very good, reluctant to go to Hongqiao, in the town of Yueqing County, blood, blood samples taken to Hongkong laboratory.

in the online search "Hongkong sex identification", can be found a lot of intermediary website. Customer service also said that an intermediary website, even if you do not go to Hongkong can also identify fetal sex. After the blood was sent to Shenzhen, there will be someone sent to Hongkong for testing, the results of the two day, all the cost is $4000. If no blood, blood samples will be arranged in Shenzhen. This means that if you can in the mainland pregnant women blood, and then sent to Hongkong for testing, so that the identification of fetal sex prohibited in the mainland, will become simple and easy for pregnant women.

" intermediary website problems worrying

however, according to the parties Xiao Zhou said, where blood is more like a conference room, a small nurse will take the blood, the whole process is over. The blood of intermediary companies, really fly it?

" Zhou is a Hongkong medical intermediary services company in the mainland "resident doctor", worked as a cashier in a private hospital, she is responsible for taking blood for pregnant women, and mailed to the intermediary company. But Zhou himself said, he's not a doctor, no doctor qualification certificate, no blood, but sometimes in some rental room for blood.

reporter also found that the blood collection medium, the source of the test tube is unclear, the process of blood collection is also unknown whether safety norms. In addition, there are many uncertain factors in the key link of long distance transportation. As a result, the accuracy of the results of blood samples can not be discussed. There were

" the intermediary companies from many uncertain factors

"patriarchal" gave birth to the black chain

"as good boy or girl, daughter of later generations", like the slogan Chinese currently in the rural community or It is quite common for all. However, this also implies that the slogan, "boys" in many people's minds is still ingrained. Want to give birth to a boy's husband and wife, the most direct means is to do the sex identification of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy, which is also to carry out the illegal identification of fetal black industry chain to create a huge market.

police, from the Hongkong inspection agency to Shenzhen intermediary companies, and then to the mainland pregnant women, illegal intermediary to build this industry chain in recent years continue to be strong

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