Liu Yan said to hold the dowry to marry don't seek to let go


tengxunyule· 2017-01-09 16:23:35

Tencent Liu Yan entertainment news (text / Fang Fang) in January 10th, an entertainment festival, Li Bingbing, Li Yuchun, Gloria Tang, Liu Yan, Selina, Wang Han, a good sister band, Qian Feng, Wan Fang, Liu Wei, Zhang Yuxi and other stars, has been urging the marriage of Liu Yan, on the same day to everybody shouted: "let me go, don't marry. "In addition, she claimed to everyone in the new year to employees bonuses, but she is not generous boss, also claimed the miser," to hold the dowry money".

is often expressed in real life Liu Yan, popular in the broadcast platform is, she also revealed that he is the originator of the "live first came to Beijing to be the host, it tried to do a live network in a network platform hosting, I should be the first generation. "The key is to live she said with a smile:" shameless". The host was asked whether the unfamiliar street, she gave a smile and said: "honey, confidentiality".

to the end of the year, many artists will be sent to the end of the year, the staff, Liu Yan told everyone: the performance of the excellent staff must be more awards. "But Liu Yan is a miser is not Tucao own generous boss," every money I earn all feel very hard, it will not easily to do some of the more risky investment, I hope it won't fall, hold the good. You must defend the dowry. "

asked the Chinese new year to marry, Liu Yan opened the chatterbox, laughing:" I used to think the girl is the idea of a stable job can feed themselves, do not rely on men to marry a good husband, this also be a winner in life, have a lovely baby. But now I think it is not a traditional concept to evaluate the success of women, not to say that you find a good husband than to find a good job is more important, it is not comparable. I think the new year is coming, but also was to marry people, let them go, if your children are satisfied with his present life, TA is from the inside out of the state of their own very happy, very happy, why must forced TA quickly find a spouse? I think it is to find a love of people, the same people. "

Liu Yan also talked about the network violence, especially when it comes to Cyndi Wang because they were questioned in the online cosmetic was black, her sincere words and earnest wishes said:" I think the artist sometimes very helpless, sometimes called the network violence, there is a point of attack is too outrageous, especially recently has come out to clarify, but she did not complete in fact, we see the cosmetic, recording the program you will see, in fact, dynamic and static sometimes captured will be different, such as the heart is really Ling said, I think we do not deliberately put the most ugly photos to blame the artist. "

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