Red rice Note 4X spy photos: pre fingerprint

Red rice note fingerprint family

shoujizhijia· 2017-01-09 16:30:47

recently in the online heat transfer of a red rice Note 4X new machine hardware configuration information screenshot, really let this new machine is not released a fire. Use Xiaolong 653 and 4GB the red rice Note looks more high-end, the red rice Note 4X making plans this release is in place: on the front and back all out, not to let you see a mosaic, crystal clear.

" can be seen, the red rice Note 4X is almost a single camera version of the red rice Pro". Front of the fingerprint recognition, a large front of a small hole, and even the same as the red rice Pro brushed metal. If the mobile phone really with that attitude is to launch, I'm afraid of red rice Pro "second line" after all "gimmick double shot" + MediaTek processor, or cover but Qualcomm snapdragon 653 power.

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