[90] Changan teahouse still white deer, Chen Zhongshi is no longer the world

The world Changan white deer Chen Zhongshi

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interested Li Changzhi. No records were often aspire. He, with "pad pillow coffin for the" ambition, spend six years writing a "book" "white deer". Him, to steamed buns metaphor of life, remind restless, you and I, sink under the heart, be able to bear or endure, don't in steamed steamed to half easily exposing the lid, the leakage of gas. This morning, writer Chen Zhongshi died at the age of 74. The best memory is < span style = "line-height: 25.6px; 100% max-width:! Important; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important;" > read Mr. .

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he uncle his second uncle all is his uncle.

high low table bench are is wood.

man smiles women cry in bed.

men under the original, the woman do the meal.

a man, a woman gave birth to a production.


Huayin laoqiang" mix and match "rock, also remember this song was song applauded Lingwen?? The writer is Chen Zhongshi laoqiang arias. Reference has long been popular in the Guanzhong folk, add their own highly summarization of scenes from the plain life, how simple, how Jisheng! The end of the song, artist laoqiang hearty singing in his ear, "line-height: ! Take us to 100 in Qinchuan Fugue ......

Qinchuan does not flow

! The white deer,

! Loess faithfully record,

"White Deer" sleep pillow......

delta graduated from junior high school when Chen Zhongshi (bottom left) with

1942, Chen Zhongshi was born in Xi'an Baqiao Xi Jiang Cun. Father always wanted his son to leave the country, to Xi'an or elsewhere to seek a decent job. In order for Chen Zhongshi and his brother to study, the father often sells the food and the trees, is very difficult.

Delta! 1974 Chen Zhongshi

" alone that several published collection of short stories by the coffin of the pad pillow, I will leave a huge legacy regret and guilt. I now knot gathered to a point, dignified but also only is for their own made a die pad coffin for pillow book, can let this pair from the fourteen year old is gazing literary eyes closed to Tashi. "

style= (136, 136, 136); font-size: 12px; line-height: 19.2px; max-width: 100% important; box-sizing:! Border-box! Important; word-wrap: important; break-word! "Chen Zhongshi (rear) and" Lu Yao, Jia Pingwa and other writers

in order to achieve the dream of literature . < span style =" line-height: 22.4px; 100% max-width:! Important; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important; "> forties years old man of Guanzhong fling caution to the winds and to, he and his wife agreed, to write a book. If not, then to chicken.
in Chang An, Lantian refer to the county for a full two years, he bid farewell to his wife and children, back to the countryside, in their ancestral house squat for a full four years.

< P style="; min-height: 1em; white-space: pre-wrap; max-width: 100% important; box-sizing:! Border-box! Important; word-wrap: important; > period! , only ten years climbed on the peak of the literary Lu Yao, also stimulated him, "slowly, I began to the younger than my good old writer sit up and take notice, I have repeatedly to others said publicly, I admire the young man. When his works gain the highest literary award, I could never sit not to live, thought, young people in this place and my elbow, Huo Tuotuo, how all of a sudden reached such heights! I felt a huge invisible pressure. I'm determined to strive to go beyond, so only the "white deer"."

Delta! 1990 Chen Zhongshi

! "Chen Zhongshi also clearly remember the January 1992 evening" Bailuyuan "formal draft is completed, alone at home he suddenly feel" can't breathe". He seems to have lived in a cave for many years, very hard to go to the entrance to the cave, but the kind of light that people can not stand". He went out squatted on the river smoking, still put a fire, listening to the night breeze clanking weeds, finally feel the a depressed after the release of happy.

" White Deer "was born, the reader to buy them," a good writings make people copy them". As a wise farmer in the change about the years, highlighting the atmosphere and strong regional style. This works by critics as a is a part of the Weihe plain modern 50 years vicissitude of the magnificent epic, a shaft in rural China and gorgeous and colorful, shocking long pieces of picture. Style= min-height: "1em white-space:; pre-wrap max-width:;

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