19 year old female anchor live naked jailed for 7 months

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19 year old female anchor in the greed of mischief, in order to more money, she was naked performances in the broadcast platform. Recently, Shenzhen Nanshan District City People's Procuratorate prosecution longmou dissemination of pornographic materials case verdicts, the court in the dissemination of pornographic materials longmou sentenced to imprisonment for seven months, and fined 1000 yuan.

2016 in June 19th, 19 year old longmou by Shenzhen city science and technology limited company under the banner of the nouveau riche platform, began to live chat, singing all the way to make money. Later, she felt such a live way to make money too little, and in some of the anchor chat to understand the obscene video can play money faster. As a result, she began in 2016 in July, at home to live nude performances. Longmou live chat network, the naked body and provocative actions to win the audience to send flowers and gifts, according to the number of access to get gifts of flowers royalty from the nouveau riche platform. At the same time, the dragon is also a number of private and some viewers through WeChat, one to one play masturbation video way to separate charges.

investigation, longmou in platform 10 nouveau riche account involving pornographic performances, including pornographic video performance totaled 78, a single concern illegal account number up to more than 9300 people, the average number of concerns of more than 1700 people, through her live pornographic video profit more than 31000 yuan.

19 years old is full of youthful spirit, chasing the dream of age, the sense of learning knowledge, the accumulation of life experience in social practice, and longmou was a mad about money, at the expense of hue, the spread of pornographic video, that violated the criminal law in prison, is a sigh. Shenzhen prosecutors advice the majority of young people should learn a lesson, the fear of the law, self-reliance, self-reliance, self love.

Shenzhen evening news reporter Yi Xiao Hong correspondent Hong Miaoyan Xu Yaqiao intern editor Lin Ruina

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19 year old female anchor live naked jailed for 7 months