Well, the 6 rival gangster group evolution Saka discouraging fee sharing

Sarkar gangster opponent card

tuwanwang· 2017-01-10 00:08:31

is currently in Qinghai, the ladder, face / SA is undoubtedly one of the most dominant card group, medium, still robust.

seems to have the shaman as it should be regarded as a cancer today to a partial occupation, entertainment shaman share card group hope to bring some of the shaman occupation diversity.

this is the evolution of SA, a few days ago while watching live when copied, and made some adjustments! The new version of

522 is a new toy evolution SA two cards, six for creating three six followers, it is difficult to handle the scene for many card group. Because of this strong combo, the other with the evolution of the card is not necessary (for example, 315432).

in addition to the evolution of combo, the shaman supermodel brand - tianshic, Golem, claws, the maelstrom is full, it will ensure that the strength of this card group.

small language: evolution of, believe that there is a lot of buddy are in use, used to say that good! Not low strength, show great effect! Especially in 6 and played the evolution moment 3 6 fee, fee, what, ah, ah like the queen, and then a day ah, well!

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