Learn to open China high ticket price, South Korea was hit in the face

Sky high price South Korea Qualcomm ticket

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China January 9th news, do not know if the "copycat", the Korea Fair Trade Commission (hereinafter referred to as "KFTC") recently to the Qualcomm Corp out of the huge fines of $854 million.

interestingly, February 2015, Qualcomm settled out of court and Chinese NDRC, received nearly $1 billion in ticket price NDRC out. 22 months later, the South Korean regulators seem ready to repeat the stock tricks. According to

"IT times" reported, seemingly as like as two peas plot, China and South Korea regulators dramas have the same beginning, but did not follow the same script. The reason is that Qualcomm to South Korea can not say!

Qualcomm said in a statement in a heated statement: "we strongly oppose KFTC's ruling. "Qualcomm believes that KFTC's ruling and in the global scope of memory in violation of 20 years of patent licensing practices, the amount of fines is completely unreasonable, with the size of the market in South Korea completely disproportionate . Qualcomm will have this appeal in court.

appeal to the court! So don't give South Korea all Qualcomm, why? There are three reasons.

China first, with South Korea's market position is. is known to all, the mobile phone has Chinese design and production of the world's most powerful manufacturing industry chain, and the huge consumer market, Qualcomm annual market revenue is China in the Korean market several times.

data show that in the intelligent mobile phone high patent fees levied the Korean market of less than $230 million, not to the company's overall revenue 3% patents, only a fraction of the Chinese market revenue, so the South Korean regulators may not be equal with the national development and Reform Commission Chinese negotiating position.

think that year, 2014, 2015 years, the NDRC is investigating Qualcomm, Qualcomm CEO Steve · modlen Kopf year run China not dozens of times, like "back home" diligent, cooperate with the investigation of the attitude is very positive.

up to now, Qualcomm has reached the top ten of all mobile phone manufacturers in China to reach an agreement on intellectual property rights, and even with the Meizu and other insurgents have also shook hands and. With the pace of the market to enter the right track, Qualcomm in the Chinese market has also entered into a long-term stable harmony.

today, South Korea want to challenge the high, lack of hand weights can be a little more than two points, this also can not blame all Qualcomm did not buy it.

second, South Korea's political turmoil, who dare not say tomorrow. The premise of in South Korean President Park Geun hye's political scandal unlimited fermentation, the Korean situation is extremely uncertain, believe at any international giants are more willing to choose at this time on the sidelines, rather than rush to "bet".

" if any decision will be careless, commercial behavior involved in political turmoil, it will gain a tragedy. For the steady style has always been Qualcomm, this time should be: only willing to talk, do not want to punish".

third, Samsung valve down, let the Korean industry lack of "love" . Samsung, South Korea was the mighty super family, the total revenue accounted for almost 20% of the national GDP, Samsung a shiver, the whole country to shake.

" now, Samsung has also been involved in a political scandal of Park Geun hye, head of SamSung group Li Zairong was forced to apologize to the people of the whole country, and South Korea to denounce the Samsung chaebol ugly behavior voice is also growing.

KFTC for the ticket, general counsel for Qualcomm · Tang; Rosenberg said in a statement: "we believe that, contrary to the ruling and the fact KFTC, ignore the market economic reality, the misuse of the basic principles of competition law. "Actually, KFTC is actually in favor of Korean companies such as Samsung and LG.

" now, Samsung has become "a milksop", Qualcomm in imaginary rivals South Korea's biggest waste has several martial arts, there is no need to pass a competitor is not strong enough to make any concessions.

Qualcomm, no matter now or the future of the 4G, 5G, Qualcomm will Chinese and industry chain cooperation plays a very important role, this partnership will be strategic impact of the global pattern of mobile communication, which is the most important reason why Qualcomm has always given 100% respect for China market. Compared to

", the Korean market is somewhat "chicken ribs", KFTC will have no cards, and behind the lack of government backing and the backing, blame KFTC is really not a chess master, now dare to "Showhand", the nature is not high scare.

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