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High speed rail India buddy state government

tiexuejunshiwang· 2017-01-10 08:40:38

GANDHINAGAR: Gujarat government and the Ministry of Railways will sign an MoU worth Rs crore for the ambitious Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet 67000 (high speed) train project in the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit beginning January Bullet train project has 10 The an estimated total cost of Rs 97000 crore and a, project schedule of six years.

in the upcoming global state the summit, the Gujarat government and India railway ministry signed Mumbai to Ahmedabad high speed rail project worth 670 billion rupees a memorandum. The total cost of the high-speed rail project was estimated to be 970 billion rupees, the duration is expected to be 6 years.

Gujarat government will bear the total project cost 25% of according to the National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRC), which is the implementing agency in the Union Ministry of railways. The Gujarat government will give land and facilitate implementation of the project.

India National Highway Railway Co. Ltd. is a high iron executive agency of the Federal Ministry of railway, the company said, the total project of ancient Gujarat government will bear 25% of the cost. In addition, the Gujarat government will provide land, and promote the implementation of the project

The train will travel between Sabarmati station in Ahmedabad and Bandra Kurla complex in Mumbai. In Gujarat, the Bullet train will have stops at Anand, Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Bilimora and Vapi. In Mahrashtra, the train will stop at Boisar, Virar Thane, and then BKC.

this high-speed rail station in Gujarat set Anand, Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Bilimora and Vapi. Boisar, a station in Maharashtra Virar, Thane BKC

"India times" comment:


Why always Gujarat Rest of India wake up? These Gujjus are taking all the benefits Bu this Ambani Govt

It is time to boycott? Gujju companies and goods.

why always in Gujarat? What about other parts of India? Gujarat took all the benefits of

together to resist the Gujarat company and commercial

- Radiance

- Another - Lefitist dog spotted.

found a


For Modi only Gujarat and left Maharashtra are important. The rest of India can go to Hell!

for Modi, only Gujarat and Maharashtra is important. Other states can be Hell '


What s the use of bullet train if they want to have so many stops. Gujju public will never pay so much for bullet train if it will take so much time and stops. And flights are also getting cheaper everyday. It s all coming down to "the price is the ticket they keep

located halfway so many stations, take the high-speed rail to what. The running time is so long, stop so many stations, people will not pay for the Gujarat high iron, and fly more and more cheap

Jitesh K

First the kind of investment doesnt make an economic sense for the project and secondly, with so many stoppages planned, this wont remain a bullet train..

first high iron not economically viable, it is difficult to recover the investment returns, and high-speed rail stop so many stations, is not up soon, not


Modi government is purposefully ignoring high speed railway Tamil Nadu. This is Discriminatory policies

modi government deliberately ignored in Tamil Nadu, this is discrimination policy


H Uge money

a lot of money ah


We need to first ensure full automation of railway signals and railway tracks should be modernised. Bullet train is costly and dangerous for us to maintain. I feel this is one of stupid and silly things govt trying to do. May be to fool general public.

we must first ensure that the railway signal is fully automated, the rails to modernization. High speed rail is expensive and dangerous. Take the high-speed rail India government is stupid move, perhaps

Mahender Goriganti

If there used to fool the people are so many stops, where is the need for bullet train as stops kill?? any time saved with speed. Is cost worth it??

stop so many stations, it is necessary to take the high-speed rail stop will cost? Time. Worth it?

Arvind Minhas

plz use this money for AAM people so they can travel safe in trains

please use the money to protect the general public to ride the train safety.

Pearl Nook

67000 crore ….Scam

6700 billion rupees! Bigger

Mitroooooooooon&hellip. Gujarat first&hellip

Ivan scandal; Baki SAB; uske baad

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