Samsung to S8 set a small goal: to sell 60 million units

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digital news Tencent (blue) although the Samsung GALAXY S8 delayed release is disappointing, but it seems that the official is the machine set a higher sales target. According to South Korean media reported that theinvestor, Samsung has been made to the suppliers of the requirements of the supply of 60 million components, higher than the previous Samsung flagship model shipments target. As for mass production is scheduled in March of this year, and the release time will be in mid - April, but Samsung is likely to show GALAXY S8 in early this year in February or in early. Therefore, the outside world speculated that Samsung may be in the MWC Conference for some customers to show off this flagship new machine.

shipment goal 60 million theinvestor according to South Korean media quoted an anonymous industry sources reported that Samsung has to put forward 60 million parts manufacturers supply equipment components requirements. Samsung has also confirmed that the release date of GALAXY S8 will be postponed until mid April, more than a month before the advent of the traditional March. Therefore, if the news is true, then it means that the shipment target of GALAXY S8 is much higher than the previous generation of Samsung flagship model shipments.

previously, shipments of Samsung GALAXY S5 and GALAXY S6 were 45 million, while shipments of GALAXY S7 is about 48 million, compared with four years ago, GALAXY S4 to 70 million shipments a record.

released the third week of April at the same time, the South Korean media also quoted the supply chain news, GALAXY S8 will begin production in March this year, the iris sensor module maker Partron and camera parts supplier Sekonix will begin in February this year to supply components for Samsung, Samsung wireless module is composed of motor and Amotech delivery NFC, RF module supply will begin in March.

as for the Samsung GALAXY S8 release time, after the outgoing will be officially released in New York in April 18th, but Samsung's official spokesman refused to confirm the relevant information. While an unnamed insiders said, the Samsung flagship that will be released in mid April, is expected to meet with us in the third week of April, so there are also rumors than earlier released in may.

showed the fastest in February but may need to preheat and enhance the confidence of investors based on theinvestor also quoted insiders as saying the disclosure, Samsung may be released in mid April, showing a small amount of GALAXY S8 early in February this year or March. Therefore, there is speculation that Samsung may at the end of February this year to the beginning of the March MWC Mobile World Congress on some important customers during non public display of GALAXY S8, but not with the public.

previously, according to Samsung information website SamMobile disclosed news that this year's GALAXY S8 will still have a straight and hyperbolic screen screen two versions, including direct screen version of model SM-G950, model SM-G955 double screen version, while the latter will also have a 6 Inch Touch Screen GALAXY S8 Plus version, so with the original Samsung GALAXY S6 product model is similar. However, according to market observers, is enhanced in the China HUAWEI smart mobile phone brand competitiveness under the background of Samsung, whether in GALAXY Note 7 after the failure of GALAXY S8 rely on a strong return, it remains to be seen.

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