When daddy Chen Xiao upgrade NBA star to send blessings

Chen Xiao NBA star video

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-10 12:14:58

Chen Xiao (data plan)

1 month 9 days, Chen Xiao on the network with the famous NBA star Thompson intimate interaction, led to a public onlookers.

is the beginning of a video of Thompson attracted the attention of users, the video, the blessing of Thompson to Chen Xiaosong. Subsequently, Chen Xiao forwarded the video and leave a message: Thank you! I hope you join the all star again. At the same time, Chen Xiao joked: "I'm going to go back to your value to 99! "Originally, Chen Xiao is playing a file with the NBA star as a background character in the basketball game, his idol, Thompson is one of the game characters, and the 99 is the highest value of the value of the. Interactive

Chen Xiao Chen Xiao and micro-blog

screenshots of this soup God friendship shocked many netizens, "did not think of the two men of God knowing! Many fans have said: powerful, word dawn!

in fact, famous basketball enthusiasts Chen Xiao itself is also the entertainment, had even been photographed in the studio wearing a costume headgear to play basketball. He also had to explain NBA, he is also the Jinzhou braves fans, is the Tang God of iron, the idol flop, Chen Xiao looks very happy.

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