110 of these equipment to let the children away

Children Jiangmen Qingdiquan attack

xinkuaibaoZAKERguang· 2017-01-10 19:06:05

Express News reporter Li Hongyun reported January 10th morning, Jiangmen City Public Security Bureau joint public security Bureau of Kaiping city the police 110 people's Park in Kaiping city to carry out, for the people of peace "theme day activities. Kaiping City Public Security Bureau, deputy mayor Chen Yong, deputy director of the Jiangmen Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center Lan Rongguang and other leaders, the Jiangmen Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Kaiping Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center, drug control, public security, traffic police, patrol, letter, police, immigration, household registration and many other kinds of police departments, with a total of about 5000 people from all walks of life and society people took part in the campaign.

activities, the police through the distribution of leaflets, the site to explain the "hurricane 2016 special action results of picture display, police equipment exhibition and Qingdiquan performances, 110 knowledge quiz and live broadcast propaganda image and improve public security security knowledge propaganda etc., to participate in the activities of the masses on the details of the" 110 "desk use knowledge and precautions, teach the traffic, fire and theft prevention and preventing robbery, fraud, narcotics and other series of security knowledge, to further enhance the safety awareness of the masses. Field demonstration of firearms and unmanned aerial vehicle control equipment, attracted the attention of the students and the public, are reluctant to leave.

it is reported that, in recent years, in order to strengthen the social security prevention and control, further improve the 110 police work, to better maintain social order and serve the masses, Jiangmen city public security organs 110 desk depth of the special education and training, contest activities, visits by the police who, to listen to the masses and grassroots community policing inspection unit, police quality, gradually standardize the alarming process, strengthen the business training and inspection and supervision and other measures to further enhance the joint of 110 police officers in serving the people of consciousness, improve the service ability and level, effectively safeguarding the city's social order is good, to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

2016, Jiangmen city's 110 police service station received calls, alarm 1824233, alarm volume of 1802273 over the same period last year rose 2%, the first direct disposal, dispatching police rapid response, the cracked 1502 cases, arrested the 1560 criminal suspects, timely rescue danger public 3027 people.

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