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micaihujunshi· 2017-01-10 22:51:20

recently, the network appears a j 20 brush with 78271 numbered pictures, let netizen everyone began to speculate that fall into a reverie, the machine may have entered the small batch production stage. This lets users are most concerned about the issue of course is the future in the end how much f -20 service? How many frames per year?

presumably annihilates -20 cost about $110 million, while the F-22 cost is $290 million single, F-35A price is $110 million, due to manpower, material cost growth and production time, resulting in F35 price soared, the government of the United States then in 2013 will greatly reduce the purchase amount of F-35.

can be seen from the above four generation cost, the price of the machine is high, but a modern four generation fighter role has been used to replace the traditional 3 to 4 three generation machine, is a real value for money, but China has a vast territory, air pressure is very large, urgent need heavy four machine to maintain air superiority, and to ensure that homeland security.

" we can from the service year to roughly estimate the J-10 fighters, the initial -20 service demand, as everyone knows, the -10 entered service in 2003, 2006 officially open, has formed a whole system of Air Corps Combat force that is 28 aircraft combat army number, and so on, the -20 over the next two or three years, can also form a similar size and fighting. But

f -10 and f -20 belong to medium, is different, this machine is the heavy twin engine fighter aircraft for long-range attack is the main task, as models to compete for control of the air, similar annihilates -11 series aircraft in the air force's position now Chinese. In addition, China's air force in some equipment old fighter forces, also need a large area of change, so the f -20 demand will be relatively large.

-20 Chinese the number of American experts say demand for F is at least 500, and this service number is quite big, let beauty expert envy with straight exclaimed terror, because although F-22 was the strongest five generation machine, but in the delivery 187 frame sealed the production line to the U.S. air force, resumed production in the foreseeable future, Chinese production rate to speculate that the future fighter -20 service number will greatly exceed the number of American service was F-22.

all this needs a special thanks to the assembly pulse line in the aircraft industry, to achieve efficient assembly, and efficient production that annihilates -10 is attributed to the modern production line, the pulse production line using F-35 can achieve amazing annual output of about 360, about one day a "abnormal speed, in the future, perhaps we will also be able to see the f -20 like car production, racks from production line.

f -20 meaning of our country is not only an advanced fighter, but also for China's aviation industry a great changes, an overwhelming advantage, the -20 service can let me in the field of information technology and the formation of the enemy first of all, can be used for covert penetration in high dangerous airspace for low altitude missile early warning radar, and other key precision strikes, removal of highly dangerous objects, for the subsequent three generation aircraft launched a massive air attack echelon to create a relatively safe battlefield environment, then can to cruise missile defense and interception, for low altitude airspace the wartime defense of great significance.

" and, with the f -20 service, in quite a long period of time, can be formed on the potential rivals an overwhelming advantage, but also greatly improve the f -20 battlefield situation of our army and perception, which benefited from the four generation aircraft airborne sensor powerful monitoring, target tracking, evaluation, provide key tactical information for other aircraft and ground troops.

" in the final of the inspection and maintenance of maintenance, the time requirement is lower, which means that f -20 have longer available time and time, in today's era, serving a new fighter, is far more than a new equipment. So simple, but for a country from the aviation research, aviation manufacturing industry to the theoretical development of aviation academic, and even the air force training system, will have a profound impact.

" recall that we are the four generation aircraft to look at us with envy, and China's aviation industry, now also passed through the rise of history, entered the ranks of the four generation machine, competitive power in the future. In the field of aviation industry and power we will achieve from close to leading change.

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