IELTS Listening paired questions how to resolve? Understanding characteristics and problem solving methods

Paired IELTS Listening questions characteristics

zhongyingwang· 2017-01-10 22:56:24

IELTS listening test, paired test is a less common IELTS listening test, a very good judgement IELTS listening test, which appeared to Xinlimeidi the IELTS listening test, an appearance should apply the next exam IELTS listening test.

most of the IELTS candidates that paired questions the IELTS listening test in a mess, cut constantly tangled, hear the content just feel paired, behind it was pretty much the answer to the puzzle.

below, we will take the IELTS roast duck to sort out the pair, to understand the characteristics of the pair of questions in listening and problem-solving methods.

features: the amount of information seems to be small & low frequency

examination in general, common questions form pairs the topic has three kinds: the first is less than

pairing option problems, such as the Cambridge 7 Test 3 Section 3


In what time periodcan data from the float projects help with the following things

Writethe correct letter?, A, Bor C, next to questions 26-30.

AAt present

BIn the near future

CIn the long-term future

26understanding of El Ni n o... Of... Climate...........

27understanding... Change.................

28naval... Rescues... Fishing..............

29sustainable... Practices.................

30crop... Selection....................

is more than second kinds of matching options subject, such as Cambridge 5 Test 4 Section 3


Which opinion doeseach person express about Box Telecom

Choose your answersfrom the box? And write the letters A-F next to questions 28-30.

A its workers are motivated

B it has too little investment

C it will overcome its problems

D its marketing campaign needs improvement

E it is old-fashioned

F it has strong managers



30the... Tutor.....

............... [Page:]

is the last one option that is equal to the pairing problem, "one radish one". (this kind of problems rarely occur, and the error rate is too high, the equivalent of one wrong and wrong question two)

before 1999, in fact, is not paired IELTS Listening topic, it is a kind of extended RadioButtonList, pairing option is for the explanation and description.

since the emergence of a pair of problems, most of the problem is the first situation, which is more than the option.

obviously, some options are not the most Roasted Duck have IELTS synonym substitution ability and the recognition speed is limited, if only to look at the subject or paired text information and less guessing good, okay, if wrong will affect other problems, and even the emergence of multiple errors, affect the overall score.

, according to incomplete statistics, in 2016 the IELTS listening test in February 13th, Section 3 questions for radio + pairing;

2 27 Section 3 questions for radio + pairing;

3 5 Section 3 + + test questions for the radio pairing;

6 25 Section 2 + for type matching select Section 3 + Radio pairing;

8 27 Section 3 + multiple-choice questions for the match.

thus appears matching. Although cannot and fill in the blanks and choice rate of nearly 100% of the comparison, but the topic probability rising also need to attract attention Roasted Duck.

features two: easy positioning & order principle

to Cambridge 5 Test 4 Section 3 as an example, the principle of first order Roasted Duck to seize the recommended IELTS questions, based on the topic of Q28-30 are not names, synonyms, positioning is very easy.

, however, the options are long and highly disruptive, so it is not recommended to look at options.


Karin: Yes, I think of I can dothat. Personally I ve got great hopes for "it. I think it will recover (28).

according to the speaker is determined Karin, Roasted Duck who remember the word should be recover, then review the options, we will explain the recover C option in the overcome its problems.

Thatadvertising campaign they did was very innovative with their products-they setnew trends. The company s got to recover ", don't you think, Jason

Jason:Hmmm-I m not sure.?" Ithink it ca but it s not a forgone conclusion "unless they manage to attract theright level of investment. The company definitely needs a boost (29)

according to the talk one is sure Jason, Roasted Duck are the first to investment, then record the need a boost, then we will find the B option in the too littleinvestment match.

and to attract more highly skilledworkers if their recovery is to be long-lasting. When I was talking to themarketing manager he said to me that he thinks the company had got a greatmanagement team-but he would say that wouldn, "t he - but they are sufferingfrom? Having to work with outdated production machinery and that could cost alot to put right.

Tutor:Well personally, l, think the stock market is toblame. I think they were expecting too much of the company and then inevitablyit looked ha

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