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Premature infants to eat what milk powder good

Milk powder premature infant harm health care

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in preterm infants in premature infants to eat what nutrition milk good

1, preterm infants needed nutrients: preterm low energy reserves, a high metabolic state, insensible water loss increases, water demand, the demand of high calorie, about 120 ~ 150 kCal/ (kg - D), demand for protein is 3.5 ~ 4 g/kg, very low birth weight infants as completely to breastfeeding, possible hypophosphatemia. Magnesium absorption in the intestine for the first week up to 50%, after the reduction of calcium deficiency in the absence of calcium balance, so calcium also reduced.

2, suitable for premature infant milk powder

there are now a number of formula, the formula to add some whey protein, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and removal of some minerals, to make the milk composition closer to breast milk, so also can be used in preterm infants formula. Formula feeding premature infants, we should pay attention to the quality of milk powder, such as manufacturers, nutritional content, the date of manufacture, etc.. Special attention should also be paid is that you selected milk is appropriate for your baby? You have to choose your baby age of milk powder, do not use for baby milk to feed their children; in addition, you should buy less milk, try to see if the baby would adapt to. The preparation method of milk powder can be carried out in accordance with the instructions on the packaging of milk powder, and pay attention to the necessary dilution according to the age.

3, the premature to choose

preterm milk as a special group, the development is not mature, not only to take into account the problems caused by the lack of nutrients for their nutritional needs, but also consider these nutrients that may bring the risk of too much. So, for those who need to catch up with the growth of premature infants, when the milk from the preterm infant into a common milk powder has become a matter of particular concern to each parent. Generally speaking, when your premature baby (is the actual age rather than correct months) of full-term babies weight catch up with the month old, it can be changed to a common formula.

premature infants feeding mode which

breast milk: for birth weight >2000 grams, no malnutrition risk factors of premature infants, breast milk is still the first choice after discharge. Pay attention to mother's diet and nutrition balance. Milk + human milk fortifier (super): very low birth weight infants before and after nutritional assessment are not satisfied with the need to continue to strengthen the breastfeeding to the gestational age of 40 weeks. Since breast enhancement calorie density should be slightly lower than during the period of hospitalization, such as half the amount of reinforcement (73kcal/100ml), according to the growth and. Infant formula: suitable for birth weight >2000 grams, no risk factors for malnutrition, weight gain after discharge satisfaction, artificial feeding of premature infants or as a supplement when insufficient breast milk.

" because breastfeeding is especially important for premature babies, so during the baby in the hospital, the mother to keep milk to the hospital every day. Can not eat milk can be frozen, no problem in 6 months. The mother's milk will be more and more, when the baby after discharge can continue to eat milk. Preterm formula: artificial feeding of very low birth weight infants (super) need to feed 40 weeks of gestational age; such as breastfeeding weight growth is not satisfied with mixed feeding (preterm formula milk does not exceed the total daily dose of 1/2), as a supplement to breast milk. What is the harm of

premature clinical manifestations of cyanosis, apnea, lethargy, seizures, screaming, muscle weakness and abnormal eyeball rotation and other symptoms of neonatal. The disease is mainly seen in newborns and cesarean section newborns. The worse the maturity, the higher the incidence of the disease. It is associated with hypoproteinemia, hypoxia, hypoglycemia, infection and so on, especially because of the lack of glucuronic acid converting enzyme in the liver and the formation of the excretion of conjugated bilirubin.

due to insufficient iron storage in premature infants, 1 months after birth, the rapid decline in serum iron. The development is too fast, need to increase output, but the hematopoietic function is poor, unable to catch up with the increase in the rate of weight. Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D storage is less. Poor absorption of fat and fat soluble vitamins. Due to the rapid growth of premature infants, the general supply of calcium and phosphorus can not meet the needs of the general. Premature temperature regulation function, the surface area of relatively large, thin skin, rich in blood vessels, easy to heat, and the amount of brown fat and less susceptible factors of scleredema. Inhalation of high concentrations of oxygen, can increase the arterial blood oxygen tension to 13.3kPa (10mmHg) or more, retinal vascular spasm, resulting in retinal ischemic injury, caused by fibrous tissue hyperplasia and blindness.

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