Because coal prices before replenishment was temporarily to support medium-term bearish trend or change

The price of coal coal replenishment power space power plant

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煤价因节前补库暂获支撑 中期看空趋势或难改

recently, from time to time the news: because the coal electricity plants are not adjusted, delaying the procurement of coal, coal enterprises to put pressure on prices, so prices will drop.

this, the reporter interviewed yesterday, the coal industry chain and market research. They told reporters that some of the power plants, the port inventory situation is true, some of the downstream enterprises before the replenishment operation has been started, so the recent formation of a temporary support for the formation of the spot price of power coal. But after the lunar new year, coal prices continue dropping probability.

according to sources, with the Lunar New Year approaching, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places some small mines have been laid off, this effect has been reflected in some areas of the offer. There are some areas, although not the price, but the power of coal sales significantly better than the previous period, driven by regional freight increases.

but the effect of local origin of coal has stabilized, up situation of port power coal market has not formed. According to the latest report Fenwei energy last week, the northern port coal market remains slow down trend, the downstream power plants rely mainly on long association coal, slowing down on the spot purchase, making the spot trading atmosphere is thin, the market price of coal is still further reduced. Feedback from traders point of view, the recent price reduction phenomenon occurs.

integrated coal futures market researcher Deng Shun told reporters, recently, the six coastal power plant coal inventory level is not high, January 5th to 9, inventory in 10 million 470 thousand tons to 10 million 940 thousand tons, the number of available days in 15 days or so. The six power plants in the daily consumption level of about 700 thousand tons, is the level of demand season. Because of late coal market bearish sentiment heavier, traders also reduce inventory accumulation, the port along the Yangtze River and Guangzhou port coal stocks also showed a decline in the level of. January 5th, the mainstream of the Yangtze River coal port inventory of 7 million 50 thousand tons, compared with early November fell sharply by 31.7%. January 6th, Guangzhou port coal stocks 1 million 350 thousand tons, a substantial decline of the chain of 38.4%.

, however, some of the recent inventory of the lower reaches of the downstream enterprises have the initiative to fill the library signs, so that the domestic shipping costs bottomed out after a rebound of 2 yuan / ton." Deng Shun said that this factor for short-term coal prices will rise to slow down. Yesterday, the main contract 1705 coal power opened at $516 / ton, closing at 519 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day rose by $5.6 / ton, also proved the role of the above factors to boost.

but the industry generally believe that this round is not before the replenishment of the scale, the bad factors will increase prices late. On the one hand, during the Lunar New Year is often one of the lowest demand for coal, on the other hand, the effect of the gradual release of coal production capacity gradually emerged, the recent Northern Port coal stocks continued high. In January 10th, the Qinhuangdao port coal storage yard is 6 million 620 thousand tons, Huanghua port storage yard is 2 million 160 thousand tons, the number of truck at a high level. From the current supply and demand situation, in the downstream inventory to be added later, the price of power coal spot prices continue to fall is a high probability event.

coal futures researcher believes that the main contract is still a small rise in power coal contract space. But from the long-term perspective, the coal market as a whole empty, unless the end of the production days and other regulatory measures to adjust.

has a well-known coal experts recently said publicly that the capacity control policies work, this year the price of coal will be "high stability, little possibility of fluctuations.

is the commodity market pattern, the business community editor, China commodity development research center core expert Liu Xintian said that compared with 2016, in 2017 the market energy prices vary, the current market is still in the window period for new energy. On the supply side and the demand side addition subtraction continue to force the situation, commodity market in 2017 will be more affected by the "multiplication", improve the efficiency of circulation market structure optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain, value chain transformation and multiplication "Internet plus" brings the market division on commodity prices or re positioning. The commodity market in this year or will "steady, slow down".

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