The couple shoes twenty years together enough money to marry his son

Son not enough husband and wife Shenyang

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1 10, Shenyang, the minimum temperature reached minus 17 degrees C. The street pedestrians hurriedly across from Yue Xueying's shoe repair beside to their destination. In this cold weather, many people choose to stay at home. Yue Xueying's shoe repair on the southwest three street and eight weft Road interchange. No matter the snow and cold, she will be here waiting for the arrival of customers every day.

" because she didn't want to because of the cold and delayed Chutan, if the rest of this day there is no income. Although the cold weather freezes her feet, she insists on appearing on the spot at ten a.m. every day until about 16 p.m.. "I'm 55 years old, did not expect to have more income, can earn money every day, enough to drink rice porridge on the line. "She said.

this year, 55 years old, she came from Sichuan, Pengxi Province, home to many people, it is difficult to maintain life. The reality let her choose twenty years ago to the northeast to try again, when she was in her mid thirties, the three children thrown at home, the heart is not the taste, but it is also shishuwunai. Just to the northeast, she and her husband in the street a shoe repair stalls, did not think of one thousand is more than and 20 years, the rain has been guarding the stalls in the street.

" to work seriously and she has many repeat customers, even when the daily income is only seventy or eighty yuan, less time is only thirty or forty yuan. The same day, 14:30 to 16 shut down more than one hour time, Yue Xueying a total of ten yuan in revenue, which also includes a pair of shoe sole material costs, this real income let reporters that what she said the real income. She said: "the reason is not because no newline what else, the age of the newline is not so easy, so we always adhere to today. "

"when perview_img_p had no work. Yue Xueying sat watching the car to car stalls into a daze, came home a lot of fragments. Expect to have to get married age son, so she is impatient. His twenty-four year old son has been wandering around the work, the marriageable age son is a big thing in her heart not put, these years in Shenyang and love on shoes for a living, did not save much savings. Buy a building in my hometown in the county will be about four hundred thousand, plus other costs, not a wuliushiwan couldn't get married, it makes her feel distressed.

" to Shenyang twenty years, she and her lover had also been renting life, thinking about buying a house in Shenyang, but now the house price rose too much, the couple's income can not catch up with the rate of price increases, so has been in the house life. "Today the couple has been thinking about buying a house or rent a house, quite a waste of money, but think about his son's case, this is the first down! "She said. In the cold wind, she was trembling with cold, but she didn't care about it. She wished she could have her own mind. Can do now, is that no matter how cold can drop the stalls.

14 30, the first customer for the zipper, he sent to the two business.

15 29, a customer spikes palm, she got three dollars.

15 58, a male customer Seurat lock, she earned five dollars.

Yue Xueying's apron is full of glue.

hand has been calluses.

Yue Xueying for the customer mending broken zipper, so many people are not doing live repair.

" every day she just stands for.

accompany her tools for many years.

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The couple shoes twenty years together enough money to marry his son