Kardashian's robbery was a group of old men

Robbery jewelry Kardashian a group

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Kim · - Kardashian. CFP for figure

American reality show star Kim · Kardashian in Paris in October of last year have been robbed, robbed property value about seventy million

French police confirmed on January 9th, they arrested 17 suspects on the same day, the per capita in October last year, suspected of robbing American reality show star Kim · in Paris; Kardashian. French media revealed that most of the suspects in the age of more than and 50 years old, the oldest 72 years old.

last weekend, Kardashian finally broke the silence, for the first time publicly about cry moment. "The old gang"

of the Paris police said, 9 of them on the morning of 6 pm in Paris and more action, suspects can be detained for up to 96 hours, during which the police must decide whether to prosecute them or be released.

police in Rouen, Normandy and Riviera were also involved. A total of 17 suspects were arrested. French media reported that at least 3 suspects were women, the majority of suspects in the age of more than and 50, the oldest of the age of 72.

according to the police, according to the crime scene at the scene of the acquisition of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) samples to track suspects. "One of the suspects a DNA sample and the police familiar match, the looting and other criminal convictions, is regarded as robbery.

Broadcasting British Corporation reported that, according to this important clue, the French police began to closely monitor the man and his network. Agence France-Presse reported that the 9 day of the operation, police also seized cash and documents.

tied to the bathroom,

Kardashian is one of the largest social media exposure of one of the top celebrities. Last October 3rd, early in the morning, she was armed robbery in an apartment in Paris, worth about 10 million euros (about $75 million) of jewelry was snatched. After the incident, she was in a social media to remain silent, with the frequent high-profile Sun Life in stark contrast.

last weekend, the trailer released reality show "and" the Kardashian sisters peer a new season. In the trailer, Kardashian cried his encounter to her sister. "There was no way to escape at the moment, and it was painful to think of it," said Kardashian. "They wanted to shoot me from behind. "The police

according to the previous statement, when the robbers wore uniforms into Kardashian's apartment. Before they fled the scene, they tied Kardashian to the bathroom.

thirty million ring

Kardashian French lawyer Jean · Wei said the news of the arrest of the suspects "satisfactory". "This is a nice surprise, because we may find the stolen jewelry," he told France "express" magazine reporter. Veil said that Kardashian will receive the investigation may notify the personnel, may also come forward to identify suspects.

by the police, the robbers snatched in Kardashian's apartment with a value of about 6 million euros (45 million yuan) jewelry box, a value of 4 million euros (30 million yuan), if the mobile phone ring cadres. (Xinhua News Agency)

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