Liaoning ship across the Strait of Taiwan, there are several warning behind


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is another big news.

according to the Taiwan news network reported that the North returned to the Chinese people's Liberation Army Liaoning ship formation, at 9 on the evening of January 10th along the strait line west began to cross the Strait of Taiwan. "The country" fighter flew off the night guard.

don't say, this time point, really make Taiwan nervous. Cai Yingwen, head of

Taiwan, is on a "trip" outside. In particular, just from the United States to leave, with the transit diplomacy, self consolation, to continue the next leg of the hard journey. Anxious and fearful afraid the midnight knock on the door, is nine in ten do the wrong thing. so much, it reflects the authorities every act and every move, restlessness and struggle.


although the outside world because before the call of Cai Yingwen Sichuan Cai, the "visit" quite looking forward to, but Cai Yingwen in the United States, he didn't get the opportunity to meet with Trump, in the end can only choose "low transit". In fact, do not want high-profile, but also can not. Of course, Cai Yingwen

, the "Convention" hands across the sea, to fail, also met several American legislators and governors, well, it is fully embodies the equivalence. But Trump has Shiqu to came to power after the Sino US relations for leeway, this is big frame. Political wisdom is more important than political speculation in the framework. Some people confuse their own position and identity, to strategic pawn self, is a blessing or a curse, has been found in very small.

Island tertiary analysis of.

Hu Shi has a famous saying: "the only go ahead at. "The United States strategist Brzezinski a masterpiece called the" big game ". Uncle Wang will read it on the wrong side. Under the chess people know , "death" of the identity of the decision, the river did not turn back. Or the general, or eat midway. in the US around the west too in the process of game, Taiwan on what is "pawn", "sacrifice" or "ahead at" discussion gradually up. After the Sichuan

call Cai spicy effort, I have to withdraw, the sound gradually revealed the pin, but the message is, Cai authorities also did not recognize the pawn when life does not want to belong to the red, do not want to belong to the blue side of the bottom of my heart, always want to put themselves into the third party. problem is that there is no game where you are? this involves not only political wisdom, but also a long-term strategic vision.

Xi Jinping recently met with Kissinger, said, to avoid zero sum game. This is the political wisdom of the international political game inside the golden laws and precious rules. Only political factors or lengtouqing just don't understand. Known as political masters, the Taiwan authorities have revealed zero and ideas everywhere.

DPP 30 anniversary of the party, serving as chairman of the party Cai Yingwen published an open letter, claiming that the DPP to resist the pressure of 'China'". This "truth", in addition to blow cowhide, take what to achieve? Liaoning ship in Taiwan, the island's opinion on "intimidation". This poor play "Sadness" brand, but is the fried rice cold Li Denghui and Chen Shuibian during the period of . Once the problem is no peace, honesty, holed up, no win wisdom, no Rongren magnanimity. Just rely on the attitude of the aircraft launch, how to convince the public?

come on, it's just a passing by the people's Liberation army. The leader of the


each area of Taiwan outbound access, regardless of where the foothold, we all know that twenty non Vatican countries, the United States is the main transit. Whether to color, is the focus of attention of the island. The DPP is particularly eager. The media "free times" article published in January 8th, encouraging Cai Yingwen to "transit diplomacy" to "more positive", do not have too much hands tied.

this is the DPP's ruling authorities strategic vision. As for his "international space" is more like a lion to locri temple, to the other side to clogging as possible. to the table, where is Zuozhuang life?

said that the honeymoon is over the smooth Cai Yingwen, is to return to nature. to a "gradual independence" as the center, to embrace the dark green and to Japan as the two basic points, in the hope that "United Friends" route, find the "anti" opportunity to use "foreign aid", the "92 consensus" to hedge must answer the pressure.

in the face of Japan throwing over the eyes. For example, renamed Japanese institutions stationed in Taiwan, the 2017 annual national defense authorization act for the first time to write the high-level military exchanges ", the Taiwan authorities naturally wish for. The Cai Yingwen visit to the United States, clinging to the finger there Taiwan media list Cai Yingwen met with the American politicians: U.S. congressman Joe Barton, · Black · Fallon, governor of Texas Agbo, fasolt. After all, after FTA, Taiwan arms sales to Taiwan and other heavyweight issues are still dependent on these "Friends of Taiwan school".

is backing the Western Pacific Ocean adults, carrying the unsinkable aircraft carrier of the capital, the heart of course want to be ready to "row" ahead at, side, side to surrender, hovering at the edge of the battlefield. The result is to gain profit in risk, involuntarily, coerced into the game of chess game, "chips

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