English for children (one hundred and thirty-seven)

English children test

daerduoyingyu· 2017-01-11 22:21:03

We might well take a at the city.

1 you have just arrived, friends will arrange this for you, arranged for the. You said, or in the city to look at the good:

2 you ask the doctor to work that day. The doctor suggested that you, or take a rest day:

You might well take more day off.

3 grandmother age has been large, usually rarely go out of the one as. You said that today's weather is particularly good, might as well go out for a walk:

Since it's fine day, you might as well walk.

4 white all morning. You say to a friend, you might as well listen to him, go home early:

We might well go as you suggested.

5 home tomorrow to work again. You said to colleagues, today or enjoy it:

We might well enjoy ourselves today.

6 when you know the details of the exam, I think it's no big deal. You said, if so, might as well try:

If that's the case, I may well try.

7 everyone in the office to chat up. You see time is running out, say, or the work done well:

We may as get the work first.

8 to leave the car for some time, done. You said, might as well read the newspaper's good:

I might well the newspaper.


might as well may wish, or..., as

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