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, I believe many of my friends have played "Hunter" of the game, game player in the game command often fights with other submarine surface ships, the result of course is often the winning game player. The game is virtual, then between the submarine and surface ship in the reality of the attack and defense, how is it?


" against the hunter let's look at how the surface ship anti submarine and anti tracking. At present, countries in the destroyer and frigate as the representative of surface ships, in response to submarine tracking and attack there are many means. Shipborne sonar high precision can always listen to the noise from the submarine, specially designed radar can capture the exposed surface of the submarine periscope, snorkel and antenna etc..

submarine sonar buoy machine into the sea, and to combat the deep water bombs and rockets to submarine of surface ship tracking and detection is not easy. That is not to say that the surface ships have made the advantage of the submarine, of course not. As a result of technological advances, the threat of modern submarines to surface ships is much greater than before.

towed sonar can probe into the length of more than 1000 meters, different depth of water interception of submarine

modern submarine tracking and detection of surface ships mainly rely on two kinds of methods: sonar and periscope. The submarine sonar includes active and passive sonar, the active sound signal, according to the change of signal contact bounce back after the hull, the relative azimuth and distance information to calculate the object; the latter does not send any signal, only received from all around the ring tone to identify different objects. In surface ship by pressing the case, often passive sonar display skills to the full. The signal ratio of


submarine sonar in voiceprint after receiving the signal and the boat in the database, you can according to the characteristics of their identification and determine whether to fight. The submarine periscope is the "classic" equipment, modern submarine periscope enhances the ability of observation in bad weather and night, the target image can be stored in the form of data, after the intelligence analysis.


Germany developed specially designed anechoic tile hull and propeller, the surface ship anti submarine reconnaissance becomes more difficult, thus increasing the submarine concealment of tracking. The submarine is equipped with self-propelled underwater acoustic decoy, bubble bombs and other means that can interfere with or confuse the surface ship, submarine shell cover. As for the submarine anti submarine aircraft had a headache, there are ways to deal with it -- the submarine launched missile, such as Germany developed IDAS missile and the legend of China's new submarine launched missile. Some people will say that

submarine surface warship again how, it can be a long time tracking surface ships? That depends on the submarine tracking to "suppress" under water a long time, because the surface of the track is "Dutch act". The diesel engine of the conventional diesel submarine is responsible for the submarine navigating on the water surface and charging the battery. When coupled with the use of electric power from the battery reserve in advance in the sailing endurance of the advanced AIP technology can greatly increase the conventional submarine.


submarine nuclear submarine but the battery capacity is limited, even with low speed can not be long time hunter, must be charged in the water power consumption after floating. Even if it is not required to supplement the power of the nuclear submarine surfaced, the underwater maximum speed is generally 20 knots, it will be difficult for the speed of 30 knots of surface ship tracking. So the wartime submarine will generally choose in advance lurking in the combat area, waiting.

in times of peace, when he's submarine will only make short-term general ship tracking, one can collect the other voice data, on the other hand can test each other's anti submarine capability. As for the foreign media often render "Chinese nuclear submarine tracking US warship", was not from the Navy tactical perspective, more practices have an ulterior motive. It is usually found in the surface of the ship in his country submarines, will generally take the initiative to track, can interfere with each other tracking, but also to gather intelligence.


1994 in October, China's 403 boat training voyage back by the "Kitty Hawk" aircraft carrier battle group found. The US Army dispatched destroyers and take-off S-3B Viking anti submarine aircraft, the submarine tracked, harassment and simulated attacks triggered a confrontation between China and the United states. After the United States Navy said the incident was the United States Navy after World War II in the Western Pacific region's most explosive contact with the sea".

but in peacetime, confrontation between ship and submarine ship must be careful, once a "real" means between the outbreak of war. At the height of the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union ships and submarines to play the "cat and mouse" game often at sea, but fortunately did not therefore spark a conflict accidentally.

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