Aunt Ma Sichun? Jiang Wenli has been very good!

Jiang Wenli Ma Sichun

juziyule· 2017-01-12 05:48:25

after floret Ma Sichun got the golden horse, seem to want to prove his strength, frequently burst "not by winning the prize" aunt aunt "didn't help much like the words, and her aunt Jiang Wenli. Now Jiang Wenli seems to appear on the screen is not much, more time to become the woman behind the Gu Changwei, but she was also on the screen as a gentle girl like water, and today we'll talk about her.

" in the last century in 80s, the Acting Department of each class of film school recruit only a dozen, but for the whole China enrollment, and the 19 year old Jiang Wenli came to Beijing, ignorant and luckily admitted to Beijing Film Academy.

a summer vacation when Jiang Wenli captured the first TV series "cliff Lily", the film won the "flying Award", the first performance of Jiang Wenli got the best supporting actress. After

Jiang Wenli also bring us a lot of classic TV roles:

"big family" in the jade Ting, only love a person is not difficult.

"is" in her role as the Manchu citizens of the last emperor of the queen, hurting each other in life and he.

"China Style Divorce" the better wife, the so-called "happiness of life in the commercial society" under the guidance of facing the split ends.

" to play Jiang Wenli in the "golden" in Wen Li was originally a petty and the girl, the young and middle-aged hard feelings friction affair confusion, older children there are small and large, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to the fate of the country, through between her and her husband out of life.

"pursuit of happiness" in the two big old single men and women love is full of frustrations and setbacks....

" played too much of modern family drama, contemporary women's marriage course China basically play in the role of Jiang Wenli, so that the audience impression of her mostly stay in the field of drama. In fact, in the movie screen, Jiang Wenli does not mind the supporting role, even if there are only a few lines in the show never play soy sauce.

she has not yet graduated from the starred in the mysterious couple, starring Jia Hongsheng was one of the most screen actors at the time.

"in" Farewell to My Concubine Yaojie gouwei?

" while she played a very short time, but it will be a seductive dissolute prostitute and a sad mother outrightly cruel behaved most incisive. That beautiful woman

"Mr. Zhao met" borrowed from Jiang Wenli's record, nature, relaxation, casual, casual, she will become the eternal nightmare of vegetables.

even if it is a nightmare, but also to sigh: this life value!

" in Zheng Xiaolong's "scraping", she and Tony Leung cooperation. Outstanding actress

"Taiwan events" lets Jiang Wenli obtain the awards second times in the "female Shuainan soldiers" after, although the film has not been a commercial release.

" director Gu Changwei's "husband Li Chun" is her big screen masterpiece, the movie opens the next full of literary flavor: spring is over, there is no sign of what in fact, the spring in the city, but the wind really is not the same, it seems overnight in warm and humid, when this wind blows, it makes me want to cry, I know that I was moved by their own "I class=.

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