Proper use and precautions of postpartum restraint belt

Postpartum attention caesarean section mother

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" Caesarean section with the use of Shufu, can ease the pain of the wound fixed effect.

first, the type of postpartum restraint belt

1, the type of binding belt: simple, reinforced, winding type.

2, the binding band can be roughly divided into two types: simple, enhanced.

3, the former to the use of two pieces of devil blanket fixed design is the most common, which is generally in the vicinity of the addition of 1 ~ 2 reinforcement. Strip

4, in addition to traditional elders or provide confinement center of the winding speed used to have a certain ethnic.


1 with the function of postpartum bondage, fixed wound, is not limited to: the use of a fixed wound, avoid activities when the rectus has been expanding outward, causing pain or involved, is conducive to wound healing.

2, avoid the inflammation of the lungs: Mommy in the sputum, fairly easy to involve the wound and the pain, so the doctor will recommend the postoperative first on mommy staylace again expectoration, ease the pain feeling, smooth the tankeqing to shorten the recovery time.

three, vs natural caesarean section treatment of different

1, for cesarean Mommy, in order to avoid activities involving abdominal wounds, and cause pain, the simplest way is to use staylace. A belt is used in surgery to achieve maternal fixed wound, pain relief effect.

2, as for the natural mother, you have to consider their physical condition. Stand in the obstetrician's point of view, the natural producers of wounds in the perineum, none of the above problems, of course, there is no need to deliberately use staylace.

four, bound with the correct method and steps of

to the first step: to do the preparation before their

bind bellyband or ask family members for help, will be on both sides with both hands and abdominal fat to the above approach, all together, can help to prepare their own family please hold the bandage tied. The second step:

from the start in front of the pubic abdominal wound wound, back to the tail vertebrae height, so wear underpants, will not interfere with our bathroom. We need a total of six rounds, which is the four one and a half times, the four time reversal belt.

third step:

tied to a higher than the original location of the distance of one centimeter spiral rise. At the same time attention by hand to help put fat, until tied to the navel across the three finger position, abdominal also basically run out. The angle of upper and lower abdominal tuck into other layers can be fixed.


1, bound postpartum note with the first 4 months,

tied abdominal uterus, postpartum pelvic organs will enter a recovery period, if it is too early to tie staylace will make these organs are oppressed, blood circulation is not smooth, thus affecting the recovery of organs.

2, a mother can help restore

postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation, belly, waist, abdominal belt can be tied to the navel in the pubis, lack of muscle strength to help her mother added, to relax the muscles to get respite, gradually restore elasticity.

3, the use of improper harm

abdominal straining abdominal abdominal vein, it will be under pressure, easily lead to varicose veins or hemorrhoids. Tight waist abdomen binds, abdominal pressure will cause, led to a decline in support of the tendon, causing uterine prolapse, annex inflammation and other gynecological diseases.

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