Cry! The truck was on fire at the gas station.

At the gas station Xi'an van.

wuhanZAKERzhoushoujiang· 2017-01-12 10:55:37

" chutianjinbao news (reporter correspondent Zhou Shoujiang Guo Qiuzhang DI) a truck in the gas station fire rescue department, the situation is very critical, rapid response, and change danger into safety.

1 11 in the morning, a car from Xi'an to Guangzhou, a large trailer truck, traveling to Jianli with the section of expressway, a tire suddenly burst into the parking area not far in front of the driver tsugeki Zhao Mouli's vehicle, when Zhao off to see when the tire began to smoke and flames, Zhao immediately to the gas station to get the fire extinguisher to extinguish fire, but suddenly, in the continuous use of 4 fire extinguishers, fire is still unable to control, in the wet blanket to blanket, the effect is not very obvious, see the fire is out of control, Zhao Mouli will separate the front and trailer in alarm after driving the front left the scene.

after receiving the alarm, Jianli provincial police brigade immediately launched the emergency plan, arrange for the police to check the situation, organize traffic control on two lane, and contact the Hunan Yueyang fire department support (fire place close to Yueyang).

police found at the scene, a train from the gas station refueling machine is only 20 meters, and the flames, burning tires from time to time the sound of the explosion, there is a great security risks, immediately organized the two-way parking area within the staff evacuated, and expanded the two-way Lane warning distance, and keep the emergency Lane unimpeded after more than and 20 minutes, Yueyang fire and Jianli fire has arrived at the scene, immediately to train car fire, 15 minutes later, the fire was extinguished, to prevent air burn again, firefighters were on fire in the depth of the goods, 30 minutes later, the fire danger completely control.

asked the driver that the vehicle transport goods for apple, pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances and other groceries, the fire was due to the rear wheel of the trailer axle fault, cause friction caused by the tire hub ignition temperature.

Spring Festival is approaching, the police tip: high-speed road traffic will gradually increase, various vehicles poured on to the highway, the driver in the front or on the way to pay attention to check the condition of the vehicle, to ensure that all aspects of operation of the vehicle in good condition, to avoid accidents caused by loss.

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Cry! The truck was on fire at the gas station.