Jingdong suddenly run away: this play only one?

Jingdong a dead end play only

huxiuwang· 2017-01-12 12:04:06

1 11 news, the value of the brother learned exclusively from the industry, Jingdong's O2O life service platform - Jingdong home will close service in February 10, 2017.

has a number of Jingdong insiders and industry insiders to confirm the value of the brother, Jingdong home in fact as early as a few months ago has stopped the service, a complete cessation of business is actually a matter of time.

" rumors closed in February 10th national business value of

in the "national Jingdong brother home service business communication group found that the management staff released news shows:" because the company's strategic adjustment, business strategy will be on-site service outage, service will be to set offline in February 10th. Thank you very much for your support, understanding and tolerance.

subsequently, a number of industry insiders and Jingdong insiders confirmed the matter.

has an anonymous person also broke the news on social networks, Jingdong home service is about to close.

at present, Jingdong home APP still can open, the user can still order to buy in. But brother found that the value of the service provided by Jingdong is currently very few, it seems far from meeting the comprehensive needs of on-site service. This also seems to mean that Jingdong will soon close service.

" according to the official introduction, home Jingdong was founded in April 2015, is a new business model of traditional B2C business model to a higher frequency in the field of goods and services based on the extension of the development of a group of Jingdong, O2O life service platform focused on creating the Jingdong in 2015, is an important upgrade traditional based on the B2C model to the high frequency field.

2016 in April 15th, the Jingdong announced a merger of Jingdong and dada home.

Jingdong home already not the name "Jingdong"

a Jingdong insiders also revealed that the Jingdong home already does not belong to the Jingdong, now owned by dada management and operation. The value of

in April 15, 2016, brother found that the Jingdong group confirmed that will end up with Crowdsourcing logistics platform "dada" merger, the two sides have reached a final agreement on the matter, after the merger of the Jingdong group will have a 47% stake in the new company and became the largest single shareholder, the original dada CEO Philip Kuai will serve as the new company CEO, Mr. Wang Zhijun home Jingdong president will serve as president of the new company, Liu Qiang East will become the new shareholders of the company, and served as chief user experience officer".

however, this merger is the industry that, Jingdong has abandoned home business, the business will be stripped to the third party logistics company operating dada. The Jingdong insiders also confirmed the authenticity of this message.

fruitless three factors: invest unwisely hope to save the logistics

value brother first interviewed a home platform founder. He said that Jingdong came home in fact, a few months ago has been threatened, overwhelmed by the announcement of the closure of services. When

comes home less than two years of development reason of Jingdong failed, the home platform founder gives three reasons: the first

, the Jingdong investment strategy is not sensible, frequently lost opportunity.

earlier, Jingdong had two important opportunities to invest in O2O, the first is to invest in the U.S. group, the second is investment hungry, but has been the Tencent and the Alibaba to seize the opportunities, the Jingdong lost beauty group investment opportunities, can only choose home delicacy, but the latter is not with the wolf like beauty group comparable. Miss the hungry investment, Ali was snatched the opportunity is another failure in investment decision. Overall, the overall strategic investment Jingdong hesitant, lack of strategic height and forward-looking. In the door on business often missed, also let the Jingdong in the home business is not too bright.

second, the low frequency of poor business development retardation.

, said the founder of Jingdong home entry point, not as high as takeaway. Traffic has been taken away by the United States, Baidu takeaway cut away, Jingdong home and other platforms continue to poor traffic. The home platform founder also said that 2017 will be the deadline for the fresh start-up companies, such as love of fresh bee fresh platform quickly hold on the thigh is the best, the other small and medium-sized fresh business platform will be the only one.

third, blindly hope to save the home business in the third party logistics.

2016 in April 15th, the Jingdong announced the completion of the merger with Jingdong home dada. It seems in the home and home with the founder of the platform, the Jingdong of dada, in fact now seems more like a Jingdong accelerate the important events of death at home.

. Previously, responsible for O2O strategy, vice president of Jingdong Deng Tianzhuo has revealed that Jingdong home will make Jingdong and Jingdong logistics disruptive change, ambition is very large.

but only in the past year, the Jingdong home and dada announced the merger, it confirms the Jingdong

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