"Huanzhugege" little Deng Zi now so long!

Deng Qiong Yao Dohi movie tickets

juziyule· 2017-01-12 13:17:04

went to every morning, "if you know him (her), you're old."!

long time no see, once you, now okay?

" Qiong Yao really do not greasy. The classic ah... "Princess" is one of them, saying, we believe that in addition to remember the protagonist, remember the story, besides remember Kang nostrils.....

! Must remember the two! Small Zhuo son small Deng Zi! Is a eunuch, is Princess side "Reds".

"circle" is little Deng zi!

" in the drama of his two princess are really loyal!

actor named Xue Yan, later renamed Xue Yilun. Long time no see, how is he now? This is his latest photos on micro-blog:

" full of years of trace ah:

Ju Zijun exclusive benefits of =''>

" is also quite trendy, sometimes live open, this is live in him:

" over the years, he played the "legend" strategy hidden charms the two.

"Anti Japanese man" in heinous.

last year, he also became a producer, working with Alibaba, took the "secret motives".

recently became a director:

new film he directed the Spring Festival released:

is only a few comments but his micro-blog ah, hey... Qiong Yao's role in the later development, and the gap between the big oh!

last sentence

orange Jun always thought they were small table stool ~

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