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Circle of friends friends in a word Chongqing

kuaikeji· 2017-01-12 13:23:43

how many young ambition, grew up to the mediocre life. Today, her words let netizen heart feelings, or shame.

this morning, she published an article "Luo Yufeng in personal public numbers: bless, seeking to encourage" article, just a few hours reading 100 thousand +, a reward of more than 8000 times.

in this article, she was born in a small village in the remote China, is a member of a society of thousands on thousands of Chinese, however, completed a life counter attack, the biggest reason is that her character: I never resigned. At the end of

Xifeng said: as long as no fate, no fly on the branches of the order of the Phoenix sparrow, even the most humble beginning to dust.

this article in my circle of heat transfer, but the usual reward 100 Xifeng, this also received more than 8000 copies of a reward.

from Fengjie public message, users of the is full of emotion, the expression of blessings and encouragement, there are a lot of friends for her sarcasm and sincere apology once mercilessly. The following is

Fengjie "Luo Yufeng: bless, seeking to encourage" Original:

"you have to accept their fate, this is your life. "

don't know why, recently my mind always think of my mother's words, she is a very traditional China rural women, she asked me to resign, and now think is actually good for me, although my mother did not know" no hope no disappointment "this sentence, but the hardships of life would let her know this truth. She asked me to resign, in fact, it is also good for me.

since childhood, she told me what really did not expect, when she was young she just wanted me to take my sister; she just wants to grow up a little, I don't want to let the family embarrassed, don't read to read high school teachers; I can do a village teacher, can earn hundreds of dollars a month salary, can send the money is already home to meet her on all my expectations; so for a very long time, she did not understand why I choose the resignation from Fengjie primary school to go to Shanghai to work, after not understand things, "she hasn't had any stimulation, can't tell you why. "That's what my mother told reporters.

actually, I'm not stimulated.

family was poor, had a hard life, a family of five people only 7 per cent, I hate why God let my family is so poor, but I never complain about my mother, my stepfather has no skill, instead, I am appreciate them, even so difficult, they also do their best for my school, I remember reading Qi division, stepfather to work in the Qijiang cement plant. I go to him every month to get 150 yuan living expenses, one day I went to him, people say that your father in the shovel. I went to see the father, he was wearing dirty, pushing a cart filled with garbage, the cement plant air is muddy, noisy, Dad give me living out. The scene is always in my mind, in my dreams.

people say that if a person began to frequent the past decisions, "if I want to start … … … &hellip may now;" that the person getting old; I found I now old, more than once I thought if I don't leave school at that time, what will happen to me today I see; those college classmates became in time of the party, I did on the original decision had regret. Sometimes I think he traveled to the United States, so long, or a person, I will be depressed, will be very irritable, even regret, suspect that his decision is not true because it is stimulated by what.

but when I put yourself in these way apart, I think, I decided those really not because I received what stimulus, I just don't accept.

, it is not willing to accept.

I grew up Yang Du Cun, Chongqing Steel Corp of Qijiang iron ore is separated by a wall. The worker children dress, demeanor and rural people is completely different, filled with fine; compared with them, our Yang Du Cun people everywhere rustic, Chongqing children to express our contempt for "rural children"; although they look down on us, but we, at least I have. They want to be, because I think the workers' children grow than children in the countryside is beautiful, learning achievement than rural children, family condition is better than rural children to be rich (only this, when I got it right. ) but my family is very poor, there is no way to buy beautiful clothes for me, beautiful stationery, I can only think that if I learn well, love reading, maybe they will accept me, I can become a member of them, then the fact of my education, I was too naive, this is my first time feel a strong sense of frustration, I was a middle school student. When I read the

school, was lucky enough to get to know the Internet, also learned to write poetry, to know Zi, Gu Cheng, Borges, at that time I seldom and classmates, and is the main forum for the exchange of the friends in poetry, modern poetry is not only a hazy dream, let me do a "I become their" dream; once Chongqing Shiyou party, I also

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