Taiwan actress Tan Liaoning ship: the two sides of a family it will protect us

Liaoning ship actress one family two sides

huanqiuwang· 2017-01-12 13:24:14

[global network Roundup] January 12th morning, the mainland Liaoning fleet successfully through the Taiwan Strait, to carry out follow-up tasks. From the beginning of Taiwan's defense ministry said the whole reconnaissance guard to Liaoning ship sunk politicians clamor, island war trembling, public opinion atmosphere rampant. But on the evening of 11, a different voice in the network especially make the eye, become a "clean" let the island's nerves more ridicule.

Taiwan star and former female members of the F4 Liu Leyan 11, in the face of the book wrote, "I really do not understand, even if the Liaoning from Taiwan Strait and how to look at the scenery around it love? Let it look", "we will not spend money, will not damage what ah, the sea was not money", "" how can they be what action is one family ah ah, taiwan".

this, users a message, "you really don't understand or pretend not to understand?"

friends said, "this is likely to affect the international situation, if the Liaoning ship suddenly moves, may cause the" third war ", Liu Leyan then asked the netizen" do they will take away the people of Taiwan can be fishing for fish? "Why would they have what action, both sides is one family." "they just don't love Cai Yingwen, but not without love for all of us, many of them married, we have a lot of people married in the past, a lot of relatives. "

Liu Leyan also said," even if the Liaoning ship from Taiwan Strait and how it love to see the scenery, let it look ", some users have to ask" do you really do not know do not know "false? Liu Roye said" really do not know too complicated thing, can you tell me

? "This word, Liu Leyan face book by the netizen message tumbled. Nevertheless, Liu Leyan still believes that "people just pass by, patrol! BB what we blind, don't beat us" "they are with the United States declared the Chinese nation strong, is very proud of. Because they do not love the United States "as long as the Taiwanese Chinese, they never beat us, and will protect us!"

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