[a] foreign media said iPhone 7 has not been released Chinese mobile phone began to copy

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zhongguancunzaixian· 2016-04-30 17:29:29

【喧宾夺主】外媒称iPhone 7还未发布中国手机就开始抄袭了

according to foreign media reports, always there are rumors that the iPhone  < strong > Apple will release; 7 will cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, and other smartphone vendors is likely to monkey see, monkey do.

media: iPhone  7 unpublished opponents will start plagiarism

is a company seems very sure 3.5mm earphone interface will perish that it breath launched three without the standard jack Android smartphones.

Apple abandoned a standard headphone jack may have many, including the thickness can reduce the iPhone, or save a space inside the fuselage, Apple will offer home keys are embedded inside the fuselage could.

from the Android phone manufacturers music as recently launched three new Android Phones: < span style = ": #FF0000; le > 2, < span style =": #FF0000; "Le > 2 & nbsp; Pro and < span style =": #FF0000; "Le > Max2. < strong > they were using microusb (type-C) single interface bearing charging, data transmission and earphone interface. < / strong > configure these phones tough but the price is low, Le max2 with 2K 5.7-inch display, powered by Qualcomm snapdragon processor 820, 6gm memory 64 GB of storage space, the rear 21 million pixel camera, battery capacity of 3100 Ma when.

actually such a thing last year will occur too. When market rumors that Apple will be in iPhone  6S launched Force  touch function, the < strong > Huawei in the iPhone  6S launched only a few days ago released ahead of the Mate  s phone, first launched the Force  the touch functions. but then HUAWEI already know iPhone  6S will support 3D  Touch, because once the Chinese hardware manufacturers involved, apple equipment can not keep the secret.

Huawei force Touch

of course, Le 2 =" color RGB (255, 41 and 65); "> is not the world's first cancel 3.5mm earphone of mobile phone < / strong >, once known as the" world's thinnest smartphone "OPPO  R5, a nor the standard interface. But in the market generally believe that iPhone  7 will cut off the occasion of the 3.5mm headset jack, as one breath launched three such phones may not be a coincidence. />

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