No difference before and after the beauty besides Zhao Liying?

Star Zhao Liying beauty Mianyang

nandouyulezhoukan· 2017-01-12 16:08:11

Zhao Liying yesterday with micro-blog update, respectively is two pieces of self beauty and the users have commented "beauty is not beauty".

look really, after beauty is nothing more than just brighten the skin, facial makeup itself are very nice. Have repeatedly revised figure

" the beauty of the woman who usually send photos, can be issued to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong, commonly known as "taking 5 minutes, 2 hours P, change as the stars say nothing.

burning geese, each photo is not every star, can be like this Zhang Bao Ying, self so lucky Oh, for example, recently Fan Ye Po self it triggered a lively discussion on the P map:

first look at this picture, face it's small, jealous. But look again, careful users found Fan Ye home door is crooked:

" and another picture behind, is actually the norm Ye deformation tiles: "img_box"

Fan Ye's face was perfect, repeatedly pursuit of "a bit thinner" face her, at the moment must be hand slipped. … …

P "in star map overexert" example is also a lot of the most this is common because of the destruction of the contrast state and let people see through P map traces:

not what can stop Li Xiaolu The pointed chin chin yearning, including curved tile line

Shen Mengchen P map is how high, people have high

" as a supermodel Kerr are very demanding on your body, especially on the waist with obsession, so that the house had a desk

" that the Kardashian family sisters preference level the uneven staircase, netizen comments: "perhaps they are in Wonderland. "

has a compact muscle B sister, always put their legs P fine, the wood is necessary.

"you know, want to let oneself by P look better but in these It's only human. is, damage control, such as stairs, door frames, tile lines under the condition of taking pictures of the environment has become particularly important: if the shape of high demand (to face Slimming Body pull legs) you can try not to choose too much of the horizontal or vertical direction parallel lines the local control, so as to avoid the" door "," crooked deformation "embarrassed border tile. For example,

Zhang Xinyu this is behind this background, flowers, adjust the look of nature for many:

" if you can't avoid this background, try to contrast with the broad background (such as a whole frame of the door). Translational stretching, as long as it is not a large range of adjustment is also feasible Oh ~ in short, P is looking at yourself to figure anything else out, taking into account the background environment.

said the environment contrast, there is a long legs to sad P figure:

Angelababy jokingly made Zhang Chongpo sky long legs photos, and said it was worried that how to buy pants.

" so what is behind you or window guardrail … …

Li Yuchun look at this, I look so high it ~ Xiaobian math is not very good, you calculate her Chris how high? P.s. feels she can't get through the doors do not bend ah

" and a deranged P pattern: too much favor to rub the skin whitening function /

representative: Gao Xiaosong teacher

the … … like memory" wonderful "and said Gao Xiaosong was not in the same ah? However, there is a relationship between wood, enthusiastic users to recover the high teacher's photos, um, or familiar taste.

" fortunately high teacher P right in their own hands, and the beautiful Tang Yan not so lucky, she was p division "over us
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