Study abroad why choose liberal arts college?

College of Arts and Sciences study abroad small classes learning resources

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Why is

1 will choose liberal arts college? College of Arts and sciences can bring what harvest?

College of Arts and sciences are mostly small classes, learning and classroom experience are very good. Due to the small size of the school, but a lot of resources, the students are not clear about their own professional here can also get professional guidance and help. College of Arts and Sciences has the characteristics of teaching small and fine, attaches great importance to students' soft power and logical thinking ability of the students, after entering the society of great help. A lot of

College of Arts and sciences will give students a generous scholarship. The College of Arts and sciences are located in the natural scenery, beautiful scenery, is a comprehensive university which can not be compared to many. The difference between

2 arts colleges and universities?

a lot of students believe that the General University of fame, ranking, to find their own work to help. However, a large number of comprehensive university resources, a large number, there is no teacher professional guidance for students to learn and develop personalized. Instead, each student in the College of Arts and sciences can be according to their own need for help and guidance. The relationship between

of liberal arts college alumni very closely, graduates of the mail list will include the development of occupation, salary, and other contacts. On the day after the recommendation and exchange of learning are very helpful, but also the life of valuable resources.

College of Arts and Sciences attaches great importance to the partial philosophical way of thinking, thinking from the study of respected angle. Many educators agree with the College of Arts and the ideal education mode and education idea. Graduated from the College of Arts and the students are very easy to apply to American universities to continue their education.

3 people often mistakenly believe that the more liberal arts college of Arts and Sciences, and engineering aspects of the lack of advantage, is it? Part of

's College of Arts and Sciences and a provider of college engineering college, enrolled in the BucknellUniversity School of Engineering eudy graduated last year about Chinese some students went to StanfordUniversity to continue their studies, some United States to participate in the work, many students went to the investment bank Goldman, MorganStanley etc..

4 in the United States to study how the girls experience?

women's college has a unique campus atmosphere, to provide high-quality education for new women, women's leadership in the school has been a special emphasis on the future career of students provides a valuable opportunity to exercise. At the same time, the school's sister is also very valuable, which is difficult to harvest in other universities.

5 what kind of students for learning in college?

College of Arts and Sciences of the school for all students interested in attending to students, there is no special restriction. College attaches great importance to the students' quality education and open minded students. Because of its small size, rich cultural background of students, exchanges, liberal arts students can make good use of school resources efficiently, improve their communication skills and leadership skills.

6 what advice for liberal arts students who want to apply for?

College of Arts and Sciences hope students can quickly integrate into the school, so I want to apply for the College of Arts and Chinese students should first understand the characteristics of the school, and to determine the school in line with their own interests and goals. Some liberal arts colleges will require the alumni interview process, students apply corresponding to prepare in advance.

study abroad is not to give their academic qualifications gold-plated, not only in order to get a good job in the future. In the new cultural context and language environment, should be able to make their own ability to be improved, so that their future planning more clear and clear. The size of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences School of small, high quality of teaching, training and leadership attaches great importance to the quality education of the students. Students in the choice of their ideal school at the same time, should not only see the school's visibility and ranking. On the contrary, we should first understand their own interests in the research direction, and then choose more suitable for their own schools.

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