Sino Canadian relations to a higher level? Canada sent a Chinese son-in-law as ambassador to China

Canada Ambassador to China Canada son-in-law

didawang· 2017-01-12 22:42:48

hearing ticking Network Canada and Chinese good relations, we all know this thing.

in particular, in 2015, little Trudeau as prime minister, the two countries high-level exchanges and cooperation in various fields to carry out smoothly, China Canada relations into the new golden ten years".

but did not expect that, in the new ambassador to China on the candidates, Canada this time simply appointed a Chinese son-in-law...... The

is a kindly face of the elderly, John McCallum

John Magalliam (JohnMcCallum) wife is Chinese Malaysia Lin Xiuying (Nancy Lim), the couple have three sons.

as the Chinese law, relationship between John McCallum with the Chinese community more closely, as a member of Parliament in the Chinese community to participate in more activities.

a lot of events that can be seen and his wife attended the John McCallum figure, just sweet class= out of ~

is Mrs. Mak

in addition, John McCallum also visited China, most recently in August of last year, he was accompanied by Canada the Chinese parliament Tan geng.

understand the Chinese community, to Hua Youshan, with the characteristics of John McCallum, the son of Trudeau and just China friendly attitude always agree without prior without previous consultation.

no wonder, after the appointment of ambassador to China, some netizens said that this would be a good decision. Before

won a new ambassador, John McCallum as the Canadian federal immigration, refugees and civil affairs minister Trudeau in the new cabinet.


is in this position, he is really more familiar with the Chinese people; in addition to the identity of the Chinese son-in-law, to a large extent, and he led the implementation of relatively loose immigration policy.

before him, the Canadian immigration minister was Jason Connie (Hon.JasonKenney). Under his management, Canadian immigration policies have been tightened repeatedly, including the Chinese immigrant groups attracted a Voices of discontent.

": Connie heard someone said I was elected in the early

Immigration Minister John McCallum before he had repeatedly attacked the immigration policy called the policy "Connie, from millions of people, including all kinds of immigration, refugees and students". He also said that she will apologize to the applicant.

served as Minister of immigration, to reverse the "Lian Mai policy ideas of the former" left. He dominated policy reforms (some not yet officially implemented) including but not limited to:

to cancel the temporary work visa valid for four years

migrant workers reduce unnecessary trouble, make workers work more stable

, rapid implementation of the new channel "(Express Entry)"

integral system of students graduated from university can take 30 points to help more students to immigrate to Canada


to modify the "civil law", the new immigration and Naturalization easier

citizenship residence time requirements from 6 years lived 4 years to live over 3 years,

no longer requires at least annually for 6 months in 5 years (183 days), every day and applicants immigrants live in Canada before can be counted as half a day.

is only 18 years old to 54 years old through the naturalization exam, proof of English or French Standard (current provisions for 14 - to 64 year olds are required to pass citizenship and language test).

to receive more immigrants in

2016, Canada plans to receive the total number of immigrants from 280 thousand to 305 thousand, a record high for decades.

only a few of these policies, the benefit of Chinese immigrants will be difficult to count.

for Chinese, Mak also full of sincerity honesty. 2016 at the end of the interview, Mai Lian disclosed for the first time in 7 Canadian visa center will be increased China city list were Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ji'nan, Kunming, Nanjing, Shenyang and Wuhan.

he has also publicly stated that welcome more Chinese immigrants, but I hope not only focus on Toronto, Vancouver and other big cities.

of course, not all policies are harvested. For example, at the beginning of 2017 just came into effect, the Canadian parents and grandparents to reunite immigrant application by queuing ballot form, said Chinese mixed. Some people say that the application has been prepared for a long time, the sudden change of government expressed disappointment, it was also said that the new deal can save time, expressed support.

, however, on the whole, the appearance of the elderly man in the face of the Minister of immigration during the performance of the public praise is significantly worse than the poor, especially the Chinese population.

is also therefore, for the nearly 67 year old Canadian ambassador to China, many people expressed full of expectations. We hope that, in "John McCallum, Sino Canadian relations act as a go-between" to a new step.

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