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Socrates reading and writing English class University

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America University Academic Reading and writing is the first year of the great challenges faced by students, Native American students how to prepare it? High intensity reading, writing in the form of a paradigm, and Socratic elegance...... Grade 11 in California Chen Beiting Coroma Del Mar High School AP, in her English class as an example, and we shared a "makall party" reading and writing daily.

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11 and grade 12 AP English different names, learn different things. 11 grade called AP and Composition, to write the main; the grade of AP Literature and Composition, in order to read the literary works as the center of gravity, are the world's masterpieces of, Language.

our school has a total of two AP English teachers of Grade 11, because many students have chosen this course. They will make learning plan in the summer vacation a year of good (a lot of AP teachers do, in order to ensure the progress), we also divided into six categories according to the folder color printing paper, and the teacher is consistent and the color layer classification. Six plates of


choice (Multiple Choice) is an important content of the basic elements of

(Nuts and Bolts)

(Rhetorical Analysis

) analysis of rhetorical argumentation (Argument)


comprehensive writing literature (Novel/ Literature)

"folder be arranged

English teacher told us, and 12 grade AP Literature focus on classical literature, grade 11 AP Language reading and writing, many of which are relevant to the present society.

so, we read a lot of articles are very controversial topics, even in 2016, the United States in the drama of the election, but also our classroom smart kids are keen to discuss the topic. The discussion in the class turned out to be a debate.

as an English class, the class center of gravity, of course, writing and read =''>

1F reading 5 books

< No. 1 >

Sin and Syntax

-How to craft wicked good prose

this is the summer homework, as a writing based English course, grammar is a very important part of. This book is about how to use verbs, nouns, adjectives, and sentences to make the article more interesting. The author of the

tries to attract the reader's attention with more vivid examples, because it is a boring grammar book.

when the teacher gave us a lecture, will help us to draw the focus, because the scholar words and she knew, we certainly too lazy to read. Finally, we will leave the title of the chapter as our homework.

< No. 2 >

The Crucible

"Salem witch", a play, but also our homework. I think the content is quite interesting, it is worth reading. This book is the history of the United States of a classic masterpiece, tells the story of ordinary people in danger and fear the brave and lies.

begins a week as writing homework, the teacher told us about the creation and the historical background of this book, the article is in the writing performance in the classification, as 40% of the total score, a school students grades plummeted, including me.

< No. 3 >

Into the Wild

is about a man named Chris McCandless really Emory university student after graduation to leave the hometown, saved up all the money donated, then a Alaska real adventure story.

this is the author Jon Krakauer in an interview with Chris had crossed the person wrote a non fiction prose, about the human nature, freedom and Transcendence Theory (Transcendentalism).

will feel bored at the beginning, but the more interesting the story is, the more difficult it will be to look at it. Because the story is attracted, so the speed will be faster. My classmates and I said this book remake of the film is also good, interested can take a look. A housewife Edna

< No. 4 >

The Awakening

"lived in New Orleans, while on a family holiday, learned to swim, try yourself never try something, leave the family and start looking to escape the daily tedious affairs the opportunity to find love and get the" rebirth "of the story.

Edna's behavior is not conservative for the South

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