Super fan! NBA star O'neal love Lin Yun baby

NBA O'neal star

3Gmenhuyule· 2017-01-13 06:01:17

entertainment NetEase in January 12th reported recently, NBA star O'neal has forwarded Angelababy, Lin Yun micro-blog, to love them. The netizens have speculated that it was hacking, he recorded a video to clarify their own is not really his hacking, stressed in micro-blog. The confession, he praised Lin Yun "you are so beautiful", "Angelababy I love you said the high-profile, you are the best! "At the same time, Shirley also said," you will marry me, I love you ", the fans of the property completely exposed.

for O'neal's love, Angelababy also reply a greeting, "said Austria fat, hello". Netizens to O'neal confession from shock to the habit of every two or three days, laughing: "is impossible to guard against". There are friends ridicule is not they threaten you? "Come on, let's get fat".

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