High inventory of the three or four line of the city to suspend the supply of housing land

Inventory city housing prices mechanism

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The classification regulation policy "img_box"

" in the real estate market code. In January 12th, the Ministry of land and resources held a national work conference clearly, will further promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, one of the most important rules, is on the three or four line of the city to reduce inventory pressure to suspend the supply of residential land. The industry believes that the land and other departments repeated on high inventory city land supply constraints, to release a clear inventory policy determination, after landing the area real estate market is expected to gradually return to rational health, but considering the two element differentiation situation in China's property market as a whole, hoping to achieve a popular second tier city shunt converting housing demand come true.

was determined to suspend the homestead supply reiterated that the Department of homeland clear in this position, must resolutely implement the central major decisions on the regulation of real estate, speeding up the research established in accordance with national conditions and adapt to the basic system of land market rules, and promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market. Establishment of classification regulation system. Distinguish between affordable housing and commercial housing, affordable housing land should be guaranteed to protect the commercial housing supply and demand situation due to the city due to the implementation of the policy, the establishment of residential land supply classification management system. Pressure on the city to increase the price of land to a reasonable increase in land supply, adjust the structure of land use, improve the proportion of residential land; three or four cities to reduce the pressure on the stock to reduce the supply of residential land.

it is understood that in May last year, the Ministry of land regulation and monitoring our Miao Qiang has said publicly that the future first and second part of city real estate will increase, the real estate inventory was three or four line of the city, to reduce or even stop the supply of housing land. In this regard, the Central Plains real estate market research director Zhang Dawei told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, the Ministry reiterated this practice, we can clearly see the determination of the removal of the three or four tier cities inventory.

Zhang Dawei admitted that in recent years, China's real estate development, housing prices have been part of the three or four line of the city from the first-tier cities to open up the market, but because developers do not have the correct estimation of the three or four line of the city the real demand for housing, real estate led to a backlog of inventory, "on the part of the three or four line of the city, real estate revenues may be accounted for more than 30%, if the real estate market excess inventory situation can not be improved as soon as possible, to develop part of the three or four line of the city may also bring some influence". Zhang Dawei said. Experts suggest that, based on the principles of the introduction of the current document on the future, China can also put forward specific tasks and time points, the requirements to refine and implement the three or four line of the city, so as to effectively improve the inventory situation. The number of

round of regulation is still not satisfactory

in fact, to solve real estate inventory problems, after the central and local have frequency under the ruthless hand, everywhere to loosen credit and leverage fund leverage, reduce taxes, accelerate shantytowns and monetary subsidies as a force point to the inventory. In addition, there are nearly half of the provinces has introduced the "one plan" to stock differentiation policy. Nevertheless, a series of regulatory effect is not satisfactory.

it is understood that the national real estate sale area of 739 million 310 thousand square meters to reach the annual peak in February last year, an increase of 20 million 770 thousand square meters more than the end of 2015, the housing stock contributed more than 2/3. While the National Bureau of statistics released the latest data show that as of 11 at the end of last year, the national commercial housing sale area of 690 million 950 thousand square meters, the chain has declined for 9 consecutive months, the cumulative reduction of inventory of 27 million 580 thousand square meters. Although the industry is considered quite impressive results, but if the data is not difficult to find a detailed comparison, the amount of 27 million 580 thousand square meters to go, only about 690 million 950 thousand of the existing inventory, inventory situation is still grim.

worrying is that due to the divergences between market reaction and policy intention, this is the inventory of "disaster" in the three or four line of the city because of excess supply of land and other reasons, to inventory pressure is increasing, part of the city and even the stock did not fall but rise situation. Some analysts believe that there is a surplus, housing and land supply of the stock is too high the three or four line of the city on the one hand, on the other hand, due to the weak industrial base and other factors, the population growth is slow or even negative growth, resulting in the property market oversupply, and the siphon effect of big city intensifies, has attracted a lot of the three or four line of the city and small town people away from home, resulting in destocking pressures further.

three or four lines of the property market is expected to return to health

"had high inventory city facing long-term vicious spiral of the real estate market, that is, the more land supply is lower and the purchase amount is low," analysis of the House Agency Market Research Director Guo Yi told the Beijing Daily reporter, this problem can only rely on law regulation, the Ministry of land and the release of an important signal the impact is bound to the city is the sale of real estate projects, making real estate scarcity gradually reflected, or driven prices rise slowly, and thus change the whole regional price expectations.

in Guo Yi's view, to restrict or even stop the supply of land, the long run, there is conducive to the healthy development of restoring the three or four line of the city real estate market, but this policy after landing when it can really work, also depends on the existing scale of each city inventory, especially for the land but has not yet formed a commercial housing supply scale. "In addition, policy

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