Just play the hand smashing walnuts? NOKIA to play folding screen phone

NOKIA smart phone USPTO walnut bullet

tengxunshuma· 2017-01-13 08:21:19


Tencent digital news (Translation: Esther) recently on the folding screen intelligent mobile phone is really a lot of rumors, the most concern is the Samsung in 2018 will bring Galaxy X series folding screen intelligent mobile phone, at the same time, apple and LG are also developing similar products of their own the.

but there is a company that seems to have been forgotten by us, and the company has also led a wave of smart phones. Yes, that is NOKIA, and in the official return to the smartphone market, NOKIA seems to have begun to folding screen smartphone is full of interest.


according to the USPTO website, NOKIA recently passed a "folding device" patent, from the USPTO database documents show that NOKIA this patent applied in early 2013, but until last September was officially approved and publicly. These patents also show that NOKIA has not been abandoned since 2005, the study of related technologies, and now has been carried out to the latest results.

from the latest NOKIA patent, this device looks like a mirror, composed of two identical parts, intermediate by special hinge, which is composed of two parts that have a curved flexible screen device. According to the Patent Description, this device can be a 6 inch to 8 inch folding into a device can be put in the pocket of the product, and the use of special locking mechanism, capable of switching in the intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer between different states.


, of course, does not mean that the patent will be used to the actual product, for NOKIA is also the same. But since NOKIA applied for a patent, it means that interested in this field, I believe that in the next few years, in addition to the previous Samsung, LG and apple, we are likely to see a folding screen intelligent mobile phone belonging to NOKIA.

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