The father of Pinyin is 112 years old: God has forgotten me

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" original title: 112 year old Zhou Youguang Happy birthday: God confused, I forget the

he is a famous linguist, philologist, economist, proficient in Chinese and English, France and Japan in four languages. Specializing in early economic, nearly 50 years old "befuddles", involved in the design of the Chinese phonetic alphabet, known as "the father of Chinese pinyin". Age is not a problem, the key is whether you insist that he is proof. Today is Mr. Zhou Youguang's 112 birthday. Bless the week old! [details]

figure linguist Zhou Youguang birthday attack led the establishment of the Pinyin system of

Zhou Youguang Zhou Youguang, formerly known as Zhou Yaoping, was born in January 13, 1906 in Jiangsu, Changzhou, mainly engaged in the early economic and financial work done, Professor of economics, 1955 began a full-time engaged in language research, and in charge of drafting "scheme for the Chinese phonetic alphabet". Under his leadership, the Chinese phonetic system was established. Now he is still publishing, 100 years later, Zhou Youguang has also published "hundred years old" new release "Wen Chao set" such as the number of new.

"the tide of history almost all of your plans to break the"

Zhou ancestral home in Yixing, grandfather of official run industry, started spinning, weaving factories and other industry in Changzhou. Daoguangnianjian the Taiping army, the soldiers pay for all the week, grandfather to the defenders, after the fall of Changzhou, himself, Zhou's house rich into ukraine.

Zhou Youguang was ten years old, the family moved to Suzhou, into the new school was set up the initial reading. In 1918, the Changzhou senior high school (Jiangsu provincial high school matriculation, fifth) after a year of middle school, and later with the linguist Lv Shuxiang as students. In 1923, Zhou Youguang graduated from high school, although the outstanding, but was the only choice of the free tuition The family is in straitened circumstances., the normal school, but not on the Shanghai senior high school entrance examination of Saint John University, after relatives funding, Zhou Youguang put together a 200 yuan of tuition and enrollment.

1925, Shanghai, Zhou Youguang "thirtieth tragedy" change into the Guanghua university to study. After graduating from college, he and his wife Zhang Yi and to study in japan. Due to the admiration of the Japanese Marx economist Kawakami, leaving the original study of University of Tokyo,, Kyoto University.

Zhou Youguang young experience is not smooth, and even a vague "dislocation".

graduated from the University, this can be the same with other students to be diplomats, but he chose to study economics; Saint John University, Guanghua university graduates have to study in the United States, he went to Japan for economic reasons; the thought of the famous economist Kawakami of Kyoto University in Japan to study economics, Kawakami was arrested, Zhou Youguang had to specialize in Japanese; good could enjoy living abroad, he resolutely chose to return to the original research; the economy has been achievements, he was appointed to study the language of light; Zhou grew to accept the "traditional" education, but most of the "modern" knowledge. In the face of such a "dislocation" of life, he is very calm: "life is difficult to follow your plan, because the wave of history almost broke your plan. "

" we are 'running water' love "

1933 April 30th, Zhou Youguang and Zhang Yi and marriage. Nearly 70 years later, two people have been to each other.

Zhou Youguang in his "hundred years of oral", also talked about eight years of love for the process of two years. He said, and his wife is "slowly, natural development, not like 'impact' love, 'we love water, love is not the strong wind and big waves".

Zhou Youguang will be eight this year is divided into three stages: the first stage, very common exchanges, mainly in Suzhou; the second stage, to Shanghai began to make friends, but not is love; third stage is the love stage. Zhou Youguang said, "when she (Zhang Yunhe) to the University of Hangzhou Jiang Jie Du, I teach in Hangzhou. In Hangzhou for some time, is the love stage".

about the marriage of two people, there is a saying quite popular, that is, after marriage never quarreled". In this regard, Zhou Youguang had admitted in an interview, in fact, we quarrel".

"we quarrel loudly abuse, will not let the nanny heard, did not make a couple of hours, usually noisy over 32 sentences. One more thing, we don't fight for two people, but because of other people's problems. It is true that our marriage is very harmonious. To Beijing, until my wife died, we drink tea at 10 every morning, and sometimes coffee. When drinking tea, coffee, two of us toast brow, which of course is a bit more fun, is an expression of our mutual respect. "

in his later years, Zhou Youguang and his wife Zhang Yi and co authored the prose collection" affectionate person is not old ". The so-called Co, is actually written by the book, positive and negative mutual cover, Zhang Yunhe's article pages horizontally, left turn; Zhou Youguang's article is vertical, right over the pages.

experienced the economic structure of the era of

after the marriage of Zhou Youguang and his wife went to Japan to study. In 1935, Zhou Youguang gave up the Japanese school to return to Shanghai, taught at the Bank of Shanghai Guanghua University, and part-time, also participated in the Anti Japanese national salvation association. After the outbreak of the war of resistance against Japan in 1937, the bank is doing the work of Zhou Youguang followed the Republic of China

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