Eddie Peng Sun family portrait of his eyes she looks like this

Eddie Peng mother filming family portrait tourism

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-13 08:54:41

original title: Eddie Peng Sun family portrait of his eyes she so long "center"


recently lost mother of Eddie Peng and sun drying out the photo with her mother, said: "the report of the new year is coming, wish you happy New Year Spring Festival, please don't forget to take a family portrait in the mobile phone, I still!" Then he took out a photo with his mother.

photo, a Peng mother wearing a wreath placed over V posture, his lovely smile; the other one, but Eddie Peng himself posing, the side of the face Meng Peng mother forced staring at the camera, but the face is blurred, small Yan Yan and "bully" mother.


has always been not exposed to the private life of him, the recent rare drying out with mom travel photos, unexpectedly boarded the hot search. Let him laugh at yourself for so many years had been filming a few times, but because of his mother's relationship immediately boarded, so he also joked: "this is not open for her live, so I don't have hard work".

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