Beijing has a magical market! Sammo Hung, Gao Yuanyuan, Dou Aiguang, Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan Sammo Hung Cai Chang Beijing

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recently, Nicholas Tse with a television crew to patronize a vegetable market, the market quickly with the fire of the food market in. In addition to Nicholas Tse, the vegetable market is often frequented by the stars. Cecilia Cheung took his son to buy a dish, Eric Moo, Yuan Quan, Allen Lin, Jiang Yiyan, Chen Hao, Jie Deng, Luo Haiqiong, Li Jindou, Sun Guoqing, Ni Ping, Zu Feng, Gao Yuanyuan, Keri, Na Ying, Christy Chung, Chen Yao, Yang Lan. The same day, Nicholas Tse did not stay long here, "a walk about three minutes".


Sammo Hung love to eat wonton noodles. Sell Shandong steamed bread, said: "he (Sammo Hung) is not so fat on television, very spiritual." Another martial arts star Ha Ling Chun also came to buy food.

北京有个神奇的菜场!谢霆锋洪金宝高圆圆都爱逛 "center"

in addition, Lin Yongjian also took his son Lin Jun to here to take the program.


as to why the stars love to buy food in the vegetable market, vegetable stalls boss said: "we this consumption area is high-grade, foreigners, star, Southern food, foreign food, hotel, hall in this shop." The picture is Chen Yao.


"center" for the star to buy food here will not counter-offer, meat, and vegetables stalls boss said not to buy things, not how to choose, but there is a "buy onions will pick for a long time". This is the opera performing artist Yang Shaohua, this year 85 years old mr..


vegetable stall boss said that a few days ago Gao Yuanyuan buy food when armed, was recognized, but also just smiled and smiled at the time,. Some people have been compared to be recognized, but also does not matter, like Daniel Chan's daughter-in-law, I have her WeChat, and sometimes to their home to send food". The picture is the article.

class=" pictext "align=" center "> Jiang Yiyan,, class= "pictext" align= "center"

Christy Chung's daughter in.

Yu Haoming also came to buy food, looks like with the elders of together.


host Wang Xiaoya and Nigel Maiti also occasionally come to buy vegetables in.


screenwriter Liu Zhenyun had a feeling in the market shoot promotional photos.


in general, the market is really clean and tidy, food is relatively rich, but it is very subtle shape.

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