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Cuba dollar copy hard disk

ITzhijia· 2017-01-13 16:27:00

IT home message in January 13th in Cuba, the majority of the residents can not directly access at home, they need to contact friends and relatives are gathered around a wireless hotspot provided by the government not only to connect, slow speed, and network connections are often disconnected, but in this piece of land, the Cuban people also have their own Internet the means.

" according to the Cuban website editor, Cuba did not imagine them so close, according to the Cuban people, Cuba is one of the countries in the world the most unobstructed information to Cuba, like other countries, normal Internet access, Cuba is the only one the equipment is extremely limited in technology best effort Internet country, and was recognized by the United Nations International Telecommunication union.

in Cuba, unable to visit Apple's App Store, and even free software can not be downloaded, all the people on the screen in the use of smart phones Android system.

" but this does not hinder the Cuban people access to resources, called "a resource Package" package plays the role of content providers, from the demonstration point of view, the size of the package is 1000GB, with the speed of fast download down through the storage device distributed to all people, as long as the $three you can copy the entire "Package". Content including movies, TV series, news, games, etc..

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