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tengxunkeji· 2017-01-13 16:27:07

Tencent technology news (Sun Hongchao) this afternoon in January 13th, Alipay announced that five red will be launched during the Spring Festival this year, Alipay Spring Festival Red project leader Guanhua said "the only goal is to owe you all last year dedicated to all Fu, Guan Hua at the same time, six months ago, Alipay has decided to play Red Spring Festival this year is not war," red is the transfer of affection and love, should not be alienated. "

according to the introduction, from the beginning of January 18th, Alipay users can use the" AR ", the word" happiness "and" forest "in the ant two way to get mrs.. In order to increase the fun this year, Alipay also added a "universal blessing" and "walk", the former can replace any one blessing, including dedicated Fuqua, which can be a random sample of the Alipay friend mrs..

and 22:18 similar to last year, new year's Eve, every advance assembly of Wu Fu users will get a cash bonus, but this is not the average red instead of using a randomized form, the maximum amount of 666 yuan. Not to collect five users, Alipay will also be in the evening to send them to Wufu, hope everyone can have a blessed new year.

Guan Hua said that the design of this year set is more dedicated to five activities blessing to all, so that we feel in the process of blessing, set five happy and green, "we do not want to take the money reward to stimulate everyone to participate in the activities of five. "

, according to Alipay, in addition to AR before, red and red five Spring Festival, Alipay" in place ", the user can also make orders near Master handwritten couplets, calligraphy help cut window and other traditional customs, add flavor to the new year.

previously, Alipay released AR red, Alipay revealed no red war this year. Crown Hua stressed at the press conference, the red envelope is a tool to convey feelings and love, should not be alienated. Alipay hopes to try AR red, can let the family interact, promote family through technology. At the same time, Alipay also hopes to make the line of business to get new inspiration through the form of red and AR technology.

recently, Alipay do social discussions attracted wide attention. Guanhua in the field is also a positive response to these concerns, "the outside always feel that Alipay wants to break out in social situations but in fact, Alipay is already decided not to do social. "He said, communication function and relationship chain Alipay will do some basic business around the scene, the scene of financial accumulation, but definitely not the social as a business to do more, not at the expense of a sense of security for everyone to do social conditions.

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