The young woman "Bai Fumei" was derailed sixty old man

Derailment old man young woman husband

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thirty head Li Lu, looks handsome, rich family, a house and a car, in the rural people's eyes is a typical "Bai Fumei", her infidelity is a 60 year old object.

the old man ugly in appearance, middle-aged after the divorce has been single, not what special skills, just on the site to work to feed themselves. In a word, Li Lu and her husband not compared, so Li Lu's cheating so many people puzzled, more people marvel that Li Lu to be with lover, would cleanse the family.

and her husband in the trial also deeply understand why his wife to divorce to his wife really is "no", he kneel in court requesting his wife &hellip &hellip

"network pictures over thirty white Formica

Chen Ming, Loon, and others envy carpenter, in the eyes of the villagers of the older generation, he is the best person to do son-in-law.

Li Luchang watery, has been out of work, in both parents introduced, met with Chen Ming. A few days later, the two will determine the love relationship, in the parents of the match, in 2000, the two were held in accordance with the custom of rural customs.

married, Li Lu found Chen Ming is competent a good carpenter, but lazy, idle all day, addicted to gambling, often doing the dream of getting rich overnight.

soon, two children were born, in order to improve the economic situation of the family, Chen Ming migrant workers, Li Lu left home with children. In addition to basically the cost of living, Chen Ming basically is their own money to enjoy the fun of it, more to the point, just not at all, so the husband turned to Li Lu living gradually emerged out of dissatisfaction.

from the beginning of 2002, Li Lu's brother started doing business in Shenzhen, the business bigger and bigger, and called on Li Lu's brother and sister together out of business. In one family several years of efforts, the Lee family business on track.

Lee Li Lu as the youngest daughter, parents and brother are treasures, love with Canada, although no positions in the company of Shenzhen, also in the brother's generous investment, start a business.

a few years down, Li Lu and Chen Ming rely on hard work, living conditions gradually improve, in the county next to have their own small villa, bought a private car, the family rushed to a well-off life.

from the early 30's, Li Lu counter attack into the eyes of others, Bai Fumei". At the beginning of her crush on sixty old man


, Chen Mingcong foreign workers home, Li Lu put forward a divorce to the court, although Chen Ming knew two people's marriage has been a problem, but still think two children can be used as a link to save the marriage, be determined to divorce Li Lu's attitude to Chen Ming unknown so, he instinctively feel his wife is sure what was happening.

in Chen Ming's questioning, Li Lu court admit derailed, but surprise is that she is actually a local object derailed a 60 year old man. The old man seems to be against the ugly in appearance, a "sincere heart" won the Li Lu. The original

, Chen Ming in the years of migrant workers, Li Lu often because life was not good to go out to work to supplement the family income, so with the old man Liu met three.

Liu three middle age has been divorced, no children, living by doing toil. In a meeting with Li Lu, Li Lu on the dark feelings. Liu San Chen Ming family of gambling behavior for dabaobuping Li Lu. The spark of emotion wipe pity, a few months later, Liu San gradually to Li Lu heart, and Li Lu often borrow money to subsidize home.

Li Lu was also deeply moved by Liu San's behavior, and firmly believes that Liu San is the real thing to her, can not live up to. Acquaintance six months later, Li Lu regardless of the identity of the husband of the woman, and improper relationship with Liu San, the latter two people have maintained a relationship. He begged

want to do

although Liu three external conditions worse, can be compared with her husband Chen Ming early for her and the children no attitude, Li Lu feel more and more money to earn, really hard to find.

Li Lu divorce attitude, she does not hesitate to cleanse the family, will house the car to Chen Ming. The

trial, Chen Ming learned that his wife a romantic history, from anger to calm, finally made a surprising move, his wife to kneel in court, requesting his wife change mind.

from the Li Lu derailment, Chen Ming knew that all these years he as a husband, as the lack of the role of the father, his wife in the overbearing divorce situation, he kneel in court, and write down some guarantee, hoping to save their marriage.

and Chen Ming suddenly kneel, also let Li Lu began to shake the determination of divorce. Yongxin county court judge

in the mediation of this case, through in-depth conversations with Li Lu, that most of the Li Lu's feelings for Liu San from Thanksgiving and moved, and between Li Lu and Chen Ming two people had a son and daughter, have been married for 10 years, have feelings, he tried to do the ideological work of Li Lu and let her down in the past, in the future, give the child a full house, also gave Chen Mingyi a chance to cherish her. At the same time to ensure Li Lugen Liu San Chen Ming persuasion. Let bygones be bygones, so as not to affect the two future life.

in the judge patiently mediation, Li promised to give Chen Ming another chance to try to start again.

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