Special memorial! Yu Zhengsheng attended the presence of the four president of the children


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today's Great Hall of the people, held a low-key and solemn commemoration.

low-key, because the people to participate in the scope of the memorial is not large, the family did not and widely informed". Grand, because people in the very heavy component Memorial

Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee Yu Zhengsheng, Politburo member Li Jianguo, Ma Kai, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Zhang Qingli, the four president of the children: Liu Yuan (son of Liu Shaoji), Dong Lianghe (son of Dong Biwu), Li Ping (son of Li Xiannian), Yang Shaoming (Yang Shangkun the son of a founding father of a country as well as dozens of children) attended the commemoration. The dead

remembered, has left us for nearly 30 years. He is an important figure in the history of Chinese Communist Party, the 37 year old served as first Secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee, less than 50 years as the first Secretary of the central bureau. A little older people have talked about him, but also affectionately called "our Secretary wang. "

became a star Chinese politics he prime, but Jiang Qing was a trap, in nearly 10 years of the cultural revolution the miscarriage of justice. Despite their grievances, but never change the loyalty to the party and the people, would rather sit in the prison, not bow to careerists.

for his "four team" around, after the cultural revolution has served as vice premier of the State Council, the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Propaganda Department Minister served as vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, made an important contribution to strengthening the party's ideological construction, bring order out of chaos, the development of agricultural productivity and liberation.

he's Wang Renzhong. Today is the 100 anniversary of his birthday.

young partner may not be very familiar with his name, but we must know that the general secretary Xi Jinping on a number of occasions referred to the good cadre standards: loyalty, clean, dare to play. Throughout the life of Wang Renzhong, it is for the three standards as the most vivid footnote.

Wang Renzhong used to say, for the masses of colleagues and relatives repeatedly talked about if the party can evaluate behind I am a qualified member of the Communist Party, I'm satisfied.

for "qualified" meaning, former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee Comrade Song Ping wrote in a commemorative article: "this seems to be a long Comrade modesty, is in fact that is the Communist Party comrades to treat very seriously the standard requirements of their hundred-percent to achieve this standard. For a proletarian revolutionist who made outstanding contributions to the cause of the party and the people. 'qualified' two words, it means everything. "

Comrade Tao Zhu Mrs. Zeng Zhi has recalled it, with people such as the breeze orchids, good friends are never lalacheche, chuichuipaipai friendship between gentlemen, that set. He never praised people, never at home to dinner, is also chairman mao. When Chairman Mao left Wuhan, Hubei government officials urged him to go off. He said: "the president told me I would go, no call me I will not go," very little literati's arrogance.

in fact, Chairman Mao love Hubei to Hubei, at least once a year. During his stay in Hubei, Wang Renzhong, as a local leader, never entertained him alone.

to "qualified" standard requirements of their own, the same "qualified" standards to drive people around. Once Wang Renzhong went to visit a place, very rich meals at noon. He pointed to a plate of fried shrimp egg fried egg next said: do not put shrimp. Then a meal on a plate of fried shrimp egg. Wang Renzhong was very upset and asked what was going on. Originally, fried egg on shrimp, not up to the standard of reception. Wang Ren said: "now you are my reception, do not consider what reception standards. According to the memories of the staff around, Wang Lao has always been approachable, which is one of the few life temper.

Wang Renzhong (left) to participate in the work of

Wang Renzhong in Xiaogan County of the Wolong commune brigade Venus granddaughter Wang sections she clearly remembers, once grandpa encouraged her to say: "I have to study well, after going to college, but now the tuition is really more expensive, the future of the Yantai grandpa sell, pay your tuition. "

Wang Ji every time to recall the words of his grandfather, always a nose acid:" who would believe that the level of cadres will say such a thing? "

for high-ranking cadres, the courage to own anatomy is commendable. Wang Renzhong for his own shortcomings and mistakes, never shy, not only to the Central Committee, Chairman Mao, a chance to check the cadres and the masses. One day in 1952, Wu

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