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, yesterday night, Chongqing Guotufangguan Board on the night sound: "welcome to Chongqing, a person with breadth of vision installation home, but firmly opposed to" real "profit", and take three measures to curb.

in the "flying to Chongqing to buy a house" and other rumors behind the real estate market in Chongqing, in the end what happened?


we can look at this wave of the Chongqing property market gradually to the outside attention.

in December last year, Vanke President Yu Liang in an exclusive interview with the people's daily, said housing prices will also bring a lot of problems, the most ideal is like Chongqing, every year prices have risen a bit, but lower than the level of income growth, this is all to see ";

12 29 Huang Qifan, former mayor of Chongqing. There is such a word circulated on the Internet outgoing speech, "Chongqing prices will have to rise, doubled within five years";

in December 26th last year to January 1st this year, within a week, according to statistics, Chongqing property market turnover more than in February last year and July full month volume, even some of the media reports, there are foreigners with "fly" to buy a house in Chongqing; Chongqing's official

reaction is very fast, 5 sound half a month, and issued a document "strict pre-sale plan filing, strengthen the record price review, strict pre-sale program changes and the implementation of strict pre-sale scheme".

in 2001 2016 to clean for a period, during this period, Chongqing housing prices by about 2000 yuan per square meter, up to 8000 yuan.

within the same period, according to statistics, the average price of Beijing from less than 5000 yuan per square meter, up to nearly $40 thousand (December 2016, Beijing new commodity housing transaction price of 38 thousand and 200 yuan / square meter). Similarly, look around, meet the eye everywhere.

no wonder the world is called the Chongqing property market, "the industry clean". Coincidentally, this cycle, it is the period of Huang Qifan's reign in Chongqing.

how to do? The mayor said the regulation of real estate Sambo: increased supply, price control and strong support .

the supply of land, the land area of Chongqing, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai City, three of the total area of 2.39 times, plus enough; ticket system to ensure the healthy flow of blessing, land market. On the price, Huang mayor publicly proposed, land prices can not exceed the cost of 35%. Security, the construction of a large area of low-cost housing, public rental, greatly dilute the demand for commercial housing.

New Year's day, however, the volume of the week before the surge, not only the Chongqing arch headlines, but some people do not understand. Why clean the debris? Say "ideal"?

sister Island Red burst Friend Connect Chongqing, get some local news: early in the mayor before leaving in the folk has spread Chongqing prices will rise ". Recently, Beijing friends have to consult, some throwing "hit fly to Chongqing to buy" news links to her, he asked the Chongqing property is not really going to soar; and field middle friends, also asked the local people to consult the Chongqing school district room around.

rise slowly, for the people is a good thing. Sister Island corroborated friends from Chongqing, her home decoration master from the countryside into the city workers, now in Chongqing to buy two suites, ceramic tile master has bought two suites, there are poor and blank came to Chongqing with his friend, the struggle to buy three suites.

for investment passengers, from the current price of this dial, Chongqing is like a piece of government under strict control of the value of depression". Taking advantage of the general, may be able to achieve a compensatory growth, even rapid premium. After all, in the past five years, Chongqing's GDP grew by 98%, the per capita income of residents increased by 55%, while prices, but only rose by up to 12%.

however, some experts and local real estate insiders believe that inventory is still true, consumptive current inventory, still needs a lot of effort. Coupled with the overall supply of land as a whole, limited space for short-term gains.

Huang Qifan had said, 02 years to 03 years, a one-time reserve of Chongqing acres of land, the city government plans to develop only within a year of 5% in the year of 20, up to a year with a maximum of 20 thousand acres. According to this calculation, by 2023, Chongqing's land supply will be sufficient.

so, for this round of red explosion in Chongqing, the island sister also hold reservations.

can see, now, Chongqing real estate consulting for various friends, there are many is "hit fly to buy" the news attracted each other, imitation; for the Chongqing property market judgment, how much is due to a rational consideration of the value of the investment how many out of mind, like a swarm of bees hot, it is hard to say. As for the spread of hearsay, "the outgoing speech", the authenticity of what? Will be taking advantage of the strict control of the mayor of the mayor, the Chongqing property prices will be set up to the board?

Chongqing official also confirmed the judgment of the island sister: very few benefits

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