Is this body swollen? Zhao Wei: I was fat.

Zhao Wei figure Zhong Hanliang Louis Koo

fenghuangyule· 2016-04-16 05:13:53

it is understood," three "story full occurred in a hospital, not what location, all in a studio shooting is completed. In the relatively closed environment, Louis Koo plays a policeman, Wallace played gangsters and Zhao Wei plays the doctor battle of wits bucket Yong. For the first time and co directed by Johnnie To Vicki revealed that she received the invitation was surprised, but still can not help in the dinner party weak weak asked a question: "your movies are just too man, this time I can can not play big brother behind the woman? "Johnny To after listen to laugh, immediately give" guarantee book ":" you rest assured, this movie is called "three people", how can you be a woman behind the big brother?! "Zhao Wei in the" three "play a brain surgeon, has always been strict Johnnie to do this, the real brain surgeon spent a month in the studio to guide her. Zhao Wei said, "after filming, we can do from A to Z an operation, can now receive live out. "

although the title is called" the three line ", but Zhao Wei and Zhong Hanliang" complaint "said, Johnny To obvious preference for Louis Koo, they are Louis Koo abuse is very bad. Wallace said he was Louis Koo shake head shakes the ears are going to fall down, Zhao Wei disclosed that he was Louis Koo pumping night a slap in the face, fast forward hospital the. Zhao Wei joked: "I'm not really fat, it's been fat.". "Finished slap play, Zhao Wei could not help with the writers can swim Nai Hoi requirements, ask to write a play to call her back. Sure enough, after the arrangement of a drama, let Louis Koo beat Zhao Wei. Zhao Wei complained: "but Du Dao hurts the old, he beat me a whole night, I hit him, a few scenes on the. "

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