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1. don't stare at the child to write

some parents love watching the child homework, once found, will put the child's homework rubbed off, while blaming the children. In fact, in this atmosphere of anxiety, the child is difficult to generate interest in learning. At this time, he was not listening to the sermon.

recommended practice is: first ask the child how much homework, then ask your child to do, parents cautiously without any noise to do, not to disturb the child, he finished again according to the following methods of inspection. If the children of low grade, focus on examination of handwriting is written is correct; if the child is reading high school, focus on examination of children canada.

2. training children to concentrate on the habit of writing

there are many parents reflect, the children do not concentrate on homework, love drag, a few questions also do half a day, how to do?

"time limit" correction: first of all, to understand the child's work, their estimated time to complete, and then consult the child, such as "Chinese 40 minutes to complete it? Can you finish it in 30 minutes? If the child does not concentrate on doing homework to do the performance, as long as it is not too much without interference, after all, the home is much more freedom than the school.

"midway appease method" to correct: found the child doing homework procrastination, feel must stop, walk to the child asked "is not encountered problems do not want to go, Dad / mom to help you? "So that the child's attention can be drawn back to study.

"direct method" correct: if the above two methods are not effective, then use this method instead, prior knowledge of the amount of work for children, and then directly put forward the time, such as today's Chinese homework, for 20 minutes can be done, slightly more mathematics, can be done in 35 minutes. In the implementation of this provision, parents should be calm mood, not angry. Let the children know that parents mean what they say, is not a joke.

3. coaching children do exercises

some of the children really need parents indicated some problems, it is necessary to make parents appropriate counseling and coaching. And to pay attention to skills in counseling, coaching time!

let the child repeatedly read the title: many topics are not difficult, but the lack of patience to read the original child, often read only once and do not feel it is difficult, it is a negative psychological hint.

the correct way is: "my mother believe you, as long as read several times the original title, you will do. "

when the child is done, the parents should be happy to praise:" I said, read the questions will be done.

then the children will cheer up, the children do not question, parents insisted that he "read" "read", not lightly told him, reading this encouragement to "force" the child's interest in active learning, and gain confidence. For example:

for counseling for children after thinking has not made the subject, parents don't tell him the best solution to the original title, is based on the original title for a similar example, together with the children to analyze and discuss, understand thoroughly the example, let the children to do the original title. Generally understand the example, children may be the original title, if still do not have to return to the original title, then discuss with examples of the.

after a few back and forth, as long as the parents patiently guide, the child will do the original title. Although this approach parents to some trouble, but the ability to migrate from training children. Otherwise, the child is always in the problem of thinking in the passive mode of thinking, it is difficult to establish a learning mode of thinking migration.

only the key point: for some problems, parents temporarily also not good coding examples, then, can the original title analysis where it's the key point, find what condition is good solution, let the children according to their parents' tips to think, formulation calculation. Can not be directly formula listed, or tell the child what to do the first step, the second step to do what...... If this counseling children, then his problem-solving ideas are not easy to open.

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